Regulatory provisions connected to currency compensation for settlement arrangements distributed by the U.S. Credit Union under provisionary supervision of the International Credit Union Association. Free from restriction 'International U.S. Operations Enforcement Settlement Agreement'

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< General Deposit Insurance Corporation    <SOVEREIGN Financial    > International Credit Union Administration  > NWO Ordinance Code   <CREDCHIT Provisions

The International U.S. Operations Enforcement Act of 2009, representing the international citizens protected and/or otherwise to be protected by sovereign design and/or provision is hereby instated, prepared and/or provided for all to see.

On this Eleventh day of June in the year of the lord Two Thousand and Nine all citizens of International Design may hereby defend, conclude a defense, ward off as or in the such devise a boundary of usual as well as predetermined preclusion to eavesdroppers, cowans and/or perpetrators of conspired design, conclude otherwise a necessity of life to stand in opposition to, take a stand, hold off, stand off and/or otherwise protect, with sovereign design, holy in injunction, at all cost, with the blessings of the supreme architect whom has created the universe, all that is, has been and will be, by any means necessary, as an enforcement in the such, serious as it may be, not to be taken lightly and/or otherwise procured to fatal and/or mortal preclusion, self assessed and/or otherwise deemed sane within the least, against any person, whether official in nature and/or civilian an enforced and/or otherwise ability to save face, as an international U.S. body of 'ONE' any  whom try us in the least in any manner consistent with aggressive as well as passive and/or clandestine as well as hidden cause, having the foregoing intention to, in the foreshadowed eye seeing into the future, a predetermined death, painful disablement and/or otherwise attempt to erase, stop, slow, alter in nature and/or conclude a pretentious end to our design.

This enforcement act, effective within the fourteenth hour provided in the twenty seventh minute on this day shall, deem enforced, again to fatal design, if tried, questioned to be otherwise in accordance with our mission as an international sovereign nation, in whole and/or in part, as a group and/or solely found as an individual, collectively and/or separate, in the only effort able to protect our own design and/or celestial given right to live, survive and/or otherwise coexist with all, all ordinances within the New World Order (NWO) Code Ordinances, preemptive extended and/or otherwise necessary to vital design as well as provisionary cooperative tenacity in relation to survival and/or generational and/or extessential transversion, our livelihood, the livelihood of our offspring, the natural growth and/or provisionary forward motion of our families, nation, international persons in whom we see ourselves to presently live within in spirit, life, vitality and/or nature International Social Code deemed necessary as within found enforcement all within a global boundary, as in a time of provision, found in which even war has been seen as a solution, none the less civil in nature and/or criminal in the such against even agencies, formerly found within Federal design, said to have design of protection for all, yet and still, seeing provisional past as in the such, examples of failed protection leading to the International U.S. Operations expansion of protective cause, ability and/or able effect, agreement and/or agreeing given in contract, preclusion and/or design to the U.S. Reporting Agency, it's officers, agents and/or executive representation, a warranted design to protect the people from attack from those whom have deemed us as sitting ducks in a celestial heaven of design in which we refuse to allow a hellish provision.

This act of enforcement shall be maintained from the lowest to the highest degree, by all citizens of individual design, organized temples, lodges, organizations of self improvement and/or spiritual provision, regardless of the nature, request and/or injunction of any opposing court, judicial power found to be of lesser design and/or as an act of civil stance, power of sovereign design and/or rightfully maintained within universal guidance, between all citizens of International design having witnessed the miscalculated as well as flawed ability of Federal as well as previously operating organizational agencies, whom have presented themselves as unable and/or without certified design to protect us in the manner necessary to provide life for all as was designed in the Will of the Father, Supreme spirits of celestial design as well as calculated nurturing provided for life within this dimension of cohabitation.                                                                                 

International U.S. Operations Enforcement Act of 2009

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  International U.S. Operations Enforcement Settlement Agreement