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Date Released: Tuedsay, January 6th, 2009


U.S.  Reporting Agency, FISUST and the U.S. Operations Team Reveal Plan to Distribute 30 Billion Dollars in National Credit


Wunci Federation Assist with international peace negotiations as the U.S. Reporting Agency agree to work with world organizations.

Los Angeles, CA (January, 2009) -- USRA Executives released powerful information this morning that insinuates an agreement amongst partners the Federation of Interplanetary Security and Universal Space Travel (FISUST) and  the U.S. Treasury Department.

U.S. Reporting Agency sources reveal a plan to distribute a total of 3 Billion dollar or more in national credit to Institutions, Organizations as well as individuals in need who meet the credit requirements of the U.S. Federal World Savings institutions guidelines.



In the process, the U.S. Reporting Agency will increase ground squad operation expanding the security force now said to work directly with supporting efforts previously connected to the U.S. Military. Army National Guard facilities housing new agents, veteran soldiers as well as community citizens in need of assistance have all been support from Federal facilities partnered with local disaster prevention and recovery teams as well as responsive emergency support aid.

The local West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Inglewood as well as Culver City and surrounding cities have shown extensive support from the Los Angeles Police Department, Inglewood Police Department, Sheriffs Department as well as Fire Department in addressing immediate needs to provide heightened community support with an emphasis on continuing the efforts to maintain a more secure city security blanket within the southern California area in response to the ELEVATED terrorist threat alert.

The U.S. Reporting Agency is scheduled to dispatch additional assistance within the Los Angeles Perimeter in the first quarter of 2009 providing U.S. Rover Ground Squad Patrols Units, Bike Units, Armed Foot Patrol as well as Tactical and Air Eagle Patrol. These units have been ordered by Washington National Headquarters to assist local authorities, Homeland Security as well as other local security forces in seeing to it that local community crime percentages reach an all time low while simultaneously addressing the Terrorism will not be Tolerated (TNT) act.

The 30 Billion Dollar national financial refreshment in the final stages of compliance within Executive Orders found in the U.S. Federal World Savings as well as U.S. Operations authorization team will finance the expansion of intense security protection, Information Technology Protocol Compliance as well as present a solution to the needs of Businesses as well as citizens following the recent financial slump the Banking industry displayed.

U.S. Operations Chief Executive Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier has discussed plans to visit The White House in Washington to meet with newly elected and soon inaugurated President Barack Obama following Bushes farewell departure mid January, 2009.

Sources on Wall Street have discussed the new 'CREDCHIT' pay pass system as one of the most effective systems to be introduced since Citibank announced it's plans to introduce wireless banking years ago.

The U.S. Credit Union, in it's infancy stages, has displayed a powerful ability to acquire, manage, possess as well as distribute enough currency to revamp our entire National as well as International financial system.

With a long list of financial partners, Billion Dollar investors, fortune 500 companies as well as International Security teams, the U.S. CREDIT UNION is welcome by all whom will soon be in line with a 'THANK YOU'.


Robert Richmond

US Tribune2009

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4UsDGVGuEg

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