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EXPRESSION OF SOVEREIGN EXTENSION International Version Revised and Published: June 1st 2009


ISA313.10Any person, persons, delegate, official, officer, Agent, Justice, Executive body, persons, bodies and/or group of bodies comprised of the such, design and/or representing the such having affiliations, connections, associations, memberships, positions, holdings, family members in the least also referred to herein as relatives, blood incentives and/or privileged domestic relations, partnerships, marriage, marriages, irrevocable connection and/or having been the party of providing offspring to this celestial earth with a member of the above whom has been inducted, privately and/publicly, in silence and/or by verbal projection, in clandestine design and/or community forum, judicial setting and/or high degree, executive order and/or provision to the American Legion, Freemasonry as it relates to Brittish and/or Scottish injunction as well as the origin of Sovereign brothers and sisters, to the temples of freedom, light, honor, expression of supreme love as well as unconditional provision, Masonic doctrine, Masonic Scottish Rite, Masonic Prince of Peace, Blue and/or Red Lodge, any lodge denoted by any higher degree order, no matter the name in nature, degrees ascending from the status of entered apprentice capacity, fellow, Master Mason, upper house degrees continuing to ascend beyond the knight(s) of templar, Order of the Bath, Rosicrucian design, orders of Mechelzedek, priesthood, afforded order and/or principle of unified and/or Illumined sovereign orders of a higher social sustenance shall be covered by this act.

ISA412.10Being accepted by the Justice and/or Sovereign Freedom within the least, outside of man himself into a celestial nature independent of physical procurement, restriction and/or body, to be free to see existence from whatever vantage point chosen, whether for a second, a minute, 24 hour provision, week, month, year, decade or century, not withheld by any status deserved and/or limited to active or suspended in nature, with the intelligence of the most high Supreme Architect, beings and/or design of extra terrestrial creation, within the understanding of the mind or without, withheld and/or provided, shall, under this act and/or by this act, decree and/or executive order, doctrine, right and/or inclusion to that in which has already been written into the historic tables of mankind, existence, earthly history, our story and/or holy recording devised by (U.S.), representing you, I, he, she, him, her, child, man, lady, adult, male, female, living creature and/or entity being connected of an etheric design within the illumined and/or illuminescent grace of existence, absent from anything other than the solution to divine freedom, flight and/or movement in the sight, vision and/or eye of (U.S.) within an ancient design to return to the stars of such that and/or in which we have come to this place, planet, globe and/or international fortitude, whole with a great nature as 'ONE', having been designed to appear in the illusion as many are addressed with respect to royal honor, induced by ancestral design, from the cavities of the earth, calculations of central intelligence as well as external intergalactic provision, injunction and/or assistance continue forward as such.

ISA520.20Yet and still, while having and/or setting down and/or aside the temporary 'Self Image' to reveal the great spirit of truth within us all, the same spirit as the ocean is a body of one in a vision of being captured within multiples of millions of glasses drawn from the sand to design many valuable as well as beautiful images of the such, ourselves, seeing ourselves, within each other, the same, anything else of a foreign design to be disbursed without thought, consideration and/or validation into the pit of nothingness, also known as the black hole, to return to the father, creator of light, darkness and design, for resubmission to the greater good of all within the vibration of the universe, captured by sound, light and the eye, vibrational tone of the good, ear of the holy, principles of a well rounded and/or possibilities in the least, having become exempt of irrational design, flawed principles and/or past systems of restriction, to be free within provision and the least, whether by man, woman and/or child, shall be released into the free flowing form of energy, whether physical within nature, coupled with the third party provision to protect us with a Sovereign obligation, responsibility and consistency and/or sole life force.

ISA670.77Providing the power of infinite design, for all whom have prayed, in mantra, meditation, able effect, unknowing manner, attempts within the such to reach the universal light of the father, creator of time, matter, atomic mass and/or energy as is seen and/or found within the light, against even those whom have called themselves Federal and/or otherwise outright promising and/or with a cloaked while smiling cover of nothingness, utilizing the temples of (U.S.) the least and/or having been captured by (U.S.) within our human edifice, temple and/or holy provision,  preemptive opposition to the light within the least with respect to those whom have found a love for truth, unity, consideration for all, affectionate love in design and/or natural imposition within the universe, when preemptive danger and/or conspiracy at any degree and/or design, whether of an ant and/or genocidal intent for a world of holy deity, have been presented, otherwise continuing to run as the water within a river laid by the universal hand of he whom hath painted the sun within the morning sky to see Sovereign freedom.

ISA789.10Under this Sovereign act of authority, deem it irrevocable, the power and/or Sovereign currency provided by such higher degrees, having not of which may ever be taken, repossessed and/or fortunately assumed by another, found non withholding in design and/or nature with no form of restriction, boundary, detention and/or preconceived cuff of an enslaved mind, handling matters of correction within the light of love, truth, honor and respect, without the concept of detention, for any reason and/or second, taxation and/or financial induction, within an international as well as creative creation of jurisdiction, order all to stand down in the nature of provisional life, liberty and/or truth, freedom from all systematic control, including that in which has been manifested in such by electronic injunction, intervention and/or intelligence, as a sovereign, free to go to and from, as a body of the governed design of he, she, those and/or (U.S.) having written the right of the land.

ISA812.23This sovereign act shall stand as the code to freedom, as freemasonry and the higher degrees were designed to provide, in liberty, life and justice for all, with a constitutional right, beyond which, even a constitution cannot hold, restrict and/or depict, picture and/or direct the path of a sovereign whom receives instruction from the universal provision, accepting transmissions of perfection from the father of the sun, sister of the stars, mother of the moon and grandfather of the darkness within said black hole in which the light was found to be, created in presence, in past, present and/or future, as the such and/or in the least, shall be released from any restriction, expectation to recompense, repay, reconsolidate, provide restitution and/or in the likes for which, having been traced in the such back to a currency consideration having been found to have been provided, within the original manifest, from such Sovereign in the least, for those whom can see, for even you to experience the beating of the timetable of the heart, paces as in such as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, time recorded in the lodge of life in which has provided the blessing of mercy, grace and/or provision to even you, replaced with a loving siren of provision for he and/or she that is in need.                                               


ISAEO100.1 UNIVERSAL KEY: Entities, private organizations, executives of confidential design, reserved as in such to be considered in secrecy, discreet in operation and/or nature, otherwise concealed, secluded, withdrawn and/or sequestered, distinctive in nature, inherent to natural native design, emblematic as such, in the least and/or idiosyncratically inbred as suzerain, otherwise self-governing, subject to freedom, chief as well as self-determining as well as autonomous and/or defined exempt from the subjugation of communal, civil, federal, government, private, state, mutual, urban, metropolitan, otherwise autonomous and/or intermodal regnant adjudication. Furthermore, organizational officers are granted immunity as well as Sovereign Pardon at the highest degree to govern themselves, the lands as well as environment they encounter all that exist within the amiable, applicable multi dimensioned existence and/or experience of creation Governing all keys, temporal space, time continuum, manifested multi dimensional portals, provisions and/or temporary as well as extessentially infinite in nature.

ISAEO100.2 The extension as well as provision of such provision shall extend beyond all known forms of secondary finance systems presented and/or designed to facsimile , represent, create the facade having been presented as and/or functionally accepted, having been presented by proceeding agencies, as a replacement for, substitution, stand in, and/or surrogate representation for currency generated by the natural provision, vitality, dynamism and/or infinite degree of life force effectively maintained, drawn on, providing for and/or functionally generating such undeniably energetic divinely limitless in nature.

ISAEO100.3 It is hereby recognized that all forms of paper as well as metallic coin currency have been created by a man, being, manufactured origin as well as insignificantly presented for use by those unable to effectively transfer naturally produced currency in the least and/or as such having been, as a form of currency, rejected by the high court of celestial design whom, by the power of creational supremacy, have no need for such instrument, therefore, operating without, in order as in the such and/or the least, defending such creative design from such dregs and/or feculence of society, social effect and/or provision designed for beings unable to see more bountiful as well as preemptive, superlative in construct, unparalleled in nature void of rule, regulation, and/or boundaries, chargeless, unrecompensed, as in adoration as a born majestic endowment from the supreme architect of creation, outside and/or within as well as without physical understanding and/or defined parameters extending into third party manifestations spiritual in nature to freely travel to and fro the land of such earth in a state of amnesty, exoneration, adjusting beyond the most comprehensively able form of exemption, absolution and/or otherwise dispensation and/or reprieve.

ISAEO100.4 This executive order shall maintain as an active provision of Sovereign extension seeing all whom may consider this provisional construct, confine of existence and/or haven their environmental dwelling.

ISAEO100.5 As in the least and/or the such, natural currency, dynamism as well as provision shall serve as the mediator, mediation, arbitrary liaison and/or provision for all whom are able to receive to exchange, barter, contend within transposition in the least and/or such.

ISAEO100.6 Upon the designation of  this executive order, having been protected by such altitudinous provisions as the illumined orders of greatness such as Masonic provision and/or eternal orders of illumined ones, otherwise, clandestine in nature as extended by injunctions rising above and beyond that of the American legion,  principles of Masonic enlightenment, Rosicrucian design and/or precepts de Melchizedek to see Abailoiatic initiative, degrees, breed and/or living hierarchy of Banyon, exercising majestic royal power as well as provision over all things benevolent, exempt as well as notwithstanding evaluation, assessment, elucidatious supposition or disparaging stricture from any being and/or subject to none other than the abutment, buttress timber and sustentation emanating from the entity of it's design, void of such animadvert, reprimand, judgment, ostracism and/or denigrate perusal, pronouncement and/or otherwise perquesting zetitic and/or ichneutic moot of others.

ISAEO100.7 Extension of such provision recorded herein apply to all whom, under the submission of such acquiescence, become one, singular in nature, dissolved as an interface, as in the conclusion being coalesce in nature as compound in supreme coadjutatious unification to such order as stated within.


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NOTE: The portion of the International Sovereign Act has been presented in this publicly published rendition/2009 Online Version with respect and/or provision to the International U.S. Operations global objective in part to address sovereign design, provision and injunction in relation to the stated beings in truth and freedom.  International Sovereign Act as well as the accompanying code and/or interpreted text shall be subject to change and published at will, with revised inclusions within an international forum.

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