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IFO101 CONFERRED AND/OR COMMUNICATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE DISCHARGE OF PRISONERS AND/OR CONVICTED PERSONS AS A RESULT OF POLITICAL AS WELL AS CIVIL INTEGRATION AND/OR EVOLUTION. NOTE: This text has been recorded, presented and published in it's original form with no spelling corrections and/or adjusted revisions. It is designed to remain this way. INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS

IFO102 All persons having been convicted by the former U.S. judicial power system as of this Eight Day of October in the year of the Lord Two Thousand and Eight, having been convicted, without evidence, limited and/or no cause as well as under suspicious circumstances as found by INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS U.S. Reporting Agency investigations as unfounded shall, by the decree and/or authority invested, with trust power of attorney issued by the Executive Branch of the International U.S. Operations, Chief Executive Officer, Commander in Chief and/or 1st Commanding Officer, Unified Battalion leader, Military conversion Agent, specializing in the operation and/or operations connecting to the disbandment of higher degree orders whom, by former order and/or assignment, have been relieved of duty during the process of initiating the 2009 INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS FREEDOM ORDER.

IFO103 This 'FREEDOM ORDER' shall extend as an authority exercising power over all things benevolent including, however, not limited to previous and/or former ordinances, laws, principles, regulations, policies and/or procedures as well as all known dictated and/or recorded provisions designed to document the affairs of judicial and/or enforcement design.

IFO104 Those persons having been found guilty of crimes they did not commit, after having experienced the derogated state and/or affairs of a failed judicial system, are hereby, this 'FREEDOM ORDER' determined to be 'FREE'.

IFO105 Each person shall receive immediate orders of discharge from the appropriate facility having housed the perspective inmates found to be in a naturally determined state of freedom. According to NWO Code 101.70, such order shall maintain the appointment under the 'INNOCENCE APPEAL REVERSAL ORDER' with the authority and power, by executive design extending internationally to the British Throne, to supersede all convictions by Judge and/or Jury, City, State, Town, Nation as well as proprietor design recorded within the Superior as well as Supreme court. Any other court, defended and/or installed by any design shall be subject to correction in such effect as well as proximity extended and provided within the 'SOVEREIGN ACT OF 2009'.

IFO106 The herein 'FREEDOM ORDER' shall extend into all codes, numbers, assignments as well as judgments having no power over such 'FREEDOM ORDER' as extended to the highest degree herein.

1FO107 Such SOVEREIGN provision shall stand no opposition and heeds any whom read such order to accompany the design of such operation with an agreeing hand, spirit and force.

1FO108 It is determined on this Eight day of October in the year of the Lord Two Thousand and Eight in the hour 2:57pst 3:57, 4:57CST that any male, female, animal, living creature and/or celestial being of any design in it's primary and/or secondary state that is innocent of a specified ordinance, convicted regardless, yielding, in the attempt to abide by such laws to keep the peace, having been stripped of the personal power and/or ability to defend, upon SOVEREIGN design, oneself, shall, by this 'FREEDOM ORDER' receive the rights as well as will, as determined by the father of man, sun of the Supreme Architect and provision of Celestial Universal Design (CUD) such support, backup, provision and divinity transferred, with ability and power exceeding that of man in the average and accepted degree of social order most commonly experienced by those of us existing in the third dimension manifestation of life, living and pro presented existence.

IFO 109 Such degree of Social Order (SO) shall have been extended, by higher degrees, Agents of operation as well as functionality able to enforce, without question, under the new administration of INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Executive Branch design, the rights of this 'FREEDOM ORDER'.

IFO 110 This order shall be extended into all forms of bondage, detention, housing, holdings, physical as well as electronic, personal and organizational, low and high in the determination of personal currency housed by governed bodies, etc.

IFO111 Any opposition to such order will call for the exorcism of higher order correction extended within the degrees of power having the ability to see to it that third dimension manifestations as well as third dimension social concepts are erased and then reestablished having received the correct degree of application best described as provisionary fix and/or system correction for such operation as judicial and/or court orders.

IFO112 Any order having, in a clandestine manner, been found to oppose, for any reason, such order publicly and/or privately shall be addressed with correction appropriately. Falsely accusing persons, members of organizations, organizations and/or entities of violations they did not commit, with an intentional design, is a violation of the rights of such persons, organizations and/or entities as well as this 'INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM ORDER (IFO)'.

*The International Freedom Order(IFO) listed herein are published in part and/or are under revision and/or construction. __________________________________________________________________________________

NOTE: The portion of the CREDCHIT Provisions Code has been presented in this publicly published rendition/2009 Online Version of the International U.S. Operations in part to address public policy and/or procedure of the International U.S. Operations Code and/or the U.S. Reporting Agency enforcement division. CREDCHIT Provisions Code, policies and/or procedures as well as the accompanying code and/or interpreted text, in design have been presented as a medium to regulate said organization and shall be subject to change and published quarterly, yearly or at will within an international forum.

INTERNATIONAL U.S. Operations Social Code is subject to the International U.S. Operations enforcement Act of 2009

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