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After more than nearly two years since the ground squad began operating 24 Hours  day to increase social protection, public safety, install more peaceful community relations & bond a more cohesive community, the U.S. Reporting Agency looks forward to an INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS initiative promoting 'FREEDOM', happiness, provisions & an answer the prayer all whom rested in hopes kind abode prayed.

The INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS announces plans to open the first community services & activities Headquarters Satellite in Los Angeles, California as an answer to request for presidential participation in communities across the country & the global 'NEED' for assistance from Obama's White House Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP) community network.

Since Bush's administration, the former Faith Based Community Initiative (FBCI) officer began organization community programs designed for providing those operating on a SOVEREIGN 'FREE' currency platform with programs managed for SOVEREIGN living. Citizens in all degrees are welcome to participate in the programs, however, a neglected society responsible for making Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) technology work in many degrees brings the 'NEW' INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS assistance program such as Gods Helping Hands community assistance (providing housing (Roomies LA) & transportation vouchers, services to participating members & more), weekly washing & clothing exchange, U.S. Reporting Agency community security patrol(s) & More.

Specialized international programs such as the Royal Court, Kids Zone, U.S. Reporting Agency Explorers program & more shall be accompanied by a robust community center equipped with 24 Hour Wifi, lounge, housing shelter assistance, medical facility (including rehabilitation, physical exam room, insurance approved Laser Tattoo removal, sport(s) medicine, aquatic Birth referral center & more). U.S. Reporting Agency explorers, different from Fire, Sheriff & other organized explorers, shall operate in community security unit(s), park beautification & bus stop cleaning, maintenance & sustenance programs for the community. Fundraising & currency generation shall also be conducted by the community program responsible for introducing the 'FREE' weekly washing & clothing exchange programs. Expression in community love & unity shall be presented by the poetry lounge (a weekly open mic facilitated by the community center) & many other programs unified with the church & participating INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS affiliated organizations within the community.

The U.S. Reporting Agency report(s) success with managing ground squad terrorist prevention operations, city metro bus rider compliance & other systems. With plans to install the Ground squad globally as an initiative operation to promote safe street(s) around the globe in all INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS communities, other programs operating with social reconstruction objective(s) shall effectively provide community member(s) with solutions to many prayers. As providential reconstruction continues in Baghdad, the effect(s) from having a U.S. Military presence in more than 100 countries is seated in hopes that the U.S. Reporting Agency, installing military internal affairs operations will restore peace in all social degrees. Talk about replacing firearms in all global professional authority circles with Laser Control Units (LCU), a 38 year objective discussed in the late 60's, will maximize effort(s) to correct authority control methods. Disbanding slaughter houses, liquor & tobacco

Many U.S. Reporting Agency operatives (like soldiers deployed to stations across the globe) have not been home to see their families in more than 8 years. Federal & SOVEREIGN protection programs installed for agents working with Obama administration initiatives continue operating regardless terrorist faction groups effort(s) in keeping strong governed families apart. CREDCHIT Currency systems have also met challenges in installation. Strong resistance from secondary agent(s) in many federal systems (including, however, not limited to financial institutions, administration, public & private executive circles & authority department(s) & divisions) have proved a worthy client to U.S. Reporting Agency Internal Affairs (IA) Agent(s) whom have thwarted even FBI Cointel Pro operations prohibited by NWO Code 126.12, NWO Code 228.00 Regulatory guidelines. Good Ole Boy police, sheriff & agency tactics in keeping old less functional system operational prove a lesser good when said systems principle head(s) continue dying leaving the secondary organizations whom previously supported them without cause revealing how unpractical older distraught system were in the first place. The U.S. Reporting Agency, monitoring Department of Defense (DOD) operations has even detected challenges in defense stating that no person in the Department of Defense (DOD), pentagon and/or other such administration offices should have any Tattoo(s) [especially visible ones] or utilize alcohol, cigarette(s), Marijuana and/or any drug when officially commissioned as officers, agent(s) and/or personnel with such functional social administrative positions. This leads to terrorism U.S. Reporting Agency Internal Affiars (IA) operatives say & we don't want to terrorize our own any more than they already have been terrorized now do we? With a reduced military exhausted by globally engaging the world in war, the best defense in preventing external and/or internal attack by 20 to 100 countries converging on U.S. territories is to continue peace efforts with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS communities expanding peace relations into other countries. U.S. Reporting Agency officers with appropriately administered social programs that promote peace & unity are the best alternative to Military installations moving into global communities with guns, coercion tactics & force. INTERNATIONAL U.S. OEPRATIONS officials, utilizing Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) technology systems encourage military officials to turn closed military facilities into U.S. Reporting Agency headquarters and/or satellite facilities (such as the closed Los Angeles Rodeo/LaBrea military recruiting facility that would be more effective as a U.S. Reporting Agency community command post). Seated on a CREDCHIT Credit currency platform, the U.S. Reporting Agency has little dollar & coin resources. This is why other system(s) shall, with continued effort(s), begin on recognizing how the cashless currency system works while learning how to say 'YES', you can purchase and/or move in with your CREDCHIT accounts system (associated with the 'NEW' administration & it's 'NEW' World operations.

Changing emphasis from defense, war & terrorism to the focus on the family, the importance in reuniting dedicated families, raising our global offspring & procreating (having more children) is the most talked about subject matter appealing to the mass. Finding committed cohabitating mates dedicated to a positive future whom are ready to reproduce is exciting. Utilizing Love & happiness is the best defense while also focusing on strengthening the foundation for final implementation and/or installation for global INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS  'FREE' CREDCHIT currency finance systems.

As we harness peaceful social programs that are not controlled by fear projecting police and/or military forces opens the door for U.S. Reporting Agency Agent(s) dedicated to managing effective Information Technology (IT) programs. With increased support from the community, the U.S. Reporting Agency is commissioned to install peaceful social program(s) designed to balance community finance in all citizens, eradicate debt, homelessness, crime & other challenges by providing CREDCHIT Currency account(s) & housing Vouchers to all citizens, organizations & entities requiring such services. The  U.S. Reporting Agency has even proposed the EBT program open up another accounting access method along with Food & Cash benefits called CREDCHIT that will allow those utilizing existing county programs to manage monthly housing, transportation & various predetermined expenses in CREDCHIT Credit Voucher Currency distributed by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS to participating EBT & other CREDCHIT Card partnering entities.

Within the First Phase in Social Reconstruction, the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS will disband firearms network(s) & replace global antiquated firearm(s) with Laser Control Unit(s) (LCU), replacing the U.S. presidential office seat with the global Presidential Panel that will ultimately report to the 'Head Rule' Emperor King Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier, upgrade Department of Defense (DOD)  & military network(s) as the U.S. Reporting Agency installs 'Global & Interplanetary Peace Command (GIPC)', as previously discussed, begin the ban on slaughterhouses responsible for mass reproduction in stock raised with slaughter in mind (and/or all slaughter for human and/or other creature consumption) as well as banning all cigarette & alcohol companies.


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All U.S. Reporting Agency Ground Squad Agents (GSA) must complete the U.S. Reporting Agency Special Agent Training Coarse (SATC). Special Agent Training (SAT) schedule information is available upon request. For further information, email trainingoperations@usreportingagency.org. U.S. as well as international clearances are in the final stages of completion for agents completing the 2011 U.S.R.A. Academy. Badge assignment distribution will occur per team, per class and/or per Specialized Agent upon authorization from the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Assigned to your team, class, unit and/or Squad.


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