NWO Code 171(a)c: The Native Land Recovery and Reconveyance Unit (NLRRU) is directly vested with the responsibility of recovering property, land, estates as well as acres and/or lots with the express focus on transferring original native owners title, deed and/or other documentation related to ownership into the correct and/or originally intended owner's name.

In instances where land or property, estate and/or commercial edifice has been sold. transferred and/or managed without the rightful owner's knowledge and/or secondary title and/or replacement deed(s) have been produced, the initially conducted sale  as well as paperwork shall be investigated in order to see if in fact any erroneous dealings, foul play or simple errors were involved in obtaining the title and/or possession of the land. Identified errors shall be reversed  with correction(s) providing originally intended owners possession with accurate documentation.

To continue, in instances in which land or property has been obtained by real estate, escrow, manufacturing, construction and/or special interest financial organizations whom have facilitated the process of construction and/or alteration on said land/property, the land shall remain subject to seizure, Eminent Domain and/or negotiated means of transfer to the original and/or intended owner whom, with third party interest in mind, shall assume such property as stated herein.

Furthermore, in situations facilitating the process of land being maintained for long periods of time with the express and/or intended cause for transfer to a beneficiary (Ex. Family member, sibling, Etc.), whether or not the original holdings company maintaining the title, deed, agreement, trust and/or procured documentation has continued to operate during the coarse of, sometimes, up to 20 or more years of stead, the same should apply in the interest of justice, determined land shall be subject, no matter what new found agreement, documentation, information and/or claims intended exist, to recovery, reconveyance and/or in some cases Eminent Domain with the express interest of utilizing the land, property, estate and/or otherwise stead for the rightfully intended owner and/or beneficiaries intended purpose.

The U.S. Reporting Agency shall, upon investigation, with the power and/or authority of the people, by the people and for the people, exercising sovereign right, power and authority in an international as well as U.S. jurisdiction secured, to seize, proclaim possession and/or otherwise repossess land, regardless of deed, trust, lease, owner agreement, real estate agreement, in the absence and/or presence of previous owner's claim to property, etc. in an express and/or provisionary provision to complete reconveyance procedures, function according to ordinance.

Any owner and/or tenant, upon investigation, when err is identified, may be asked to leave the property in a reasonable amount of time (Generally 30 days) or less depending on the situation and may be found in violation if compliance is not adhered to and/or otherwise observed by said tenant or owner providing the rightful tenant and/or owner with possession.

To continue, any deputy, officer and/or constable found to interfere with said reconveyance for what ever reason shall be subject to correction by the U.S. Reporting Agency.

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