The U.S. Reporting Agency, exercising power and authority within U.S. as well as international jurisdictions remains dedicated to nurturing relationships yielding incredible ties to the community including, however, not limited to Intelligence as well as Law Enforcement Agencies, Educational Institutions, Research and Development Organizations, Local as well as State Government Organizations (LSGO), Emergency Response Teams, Military Control Unit (s), Faith Based Organizations (FBO) such as churches, temples, lodges and philanthropic orders designed to bring about a cohesive bond within our local U.S. as well as international community.

Community Relations as defined by the Answers.com accepted Dictionary of explanation:

Military Dictionary: community relations

(DOD) 1. The relationship between military and civilian communities. 2. Those public affairs programs that address issues of interest to the general public, business, academia, veterans, Service organizations, military-related associations, and other non-news media entities. These programs are usually associated with the interaction between US military installations and their surrounding or nearby civilian communities. Interaction with overseas non-news media civilians in a wartime or contingency theater will be handled by civil-military operations with public affairs support as required. See also public affairs.



 The U.S. Reporting Agency is designed to provide Credit, Security and Information Technology assistance to partners and/or affiliates in need of improved functionality, special real time enforcement, intelligence as well as online (IT) security demands.

The following list contains an example of relationships the U.S. Reporting Agency nurtures:


  • International Intelligence Community (IC) • UNIVERSAL RECORDS
  U.N. • At&t
  County and State Sheriff's Department • N.A.S.A.
  Agency Internal Affairs Investigations • Verizon
  • Code (Law) Enforcement Agencies • The Religious Community
  • U.S. Armed Forces • Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Code Enforcement Regulations Agent • F.D.I.C.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) • S.E.C.
  • Central Intelligence Agency CIA) • Banking Association
  • Department of Defense (DOD) • USRA (Space Research)
  • Australian Intelligence (AI) • I.R.S

While assisting the international government as well as social community, positive, productive relationships with a focus on securing organizational as well as patron credit ability while forging a new and proven deterrent to Identity Fraud, the U.S. Reporting Agency as well as it's partners, constituents and neighbors continue to perfect a flawless design.

 As we continue forward into a much more prosperous future, the U.S. Reporting Agency will provide CREDIT REPORTING services to our international community to accurately portray correct as well as effective corporate, organizational as well as individual credit history while simultaneously operating as the world's most effective CREDIT DISTRIBUTION Agency having acquired agreements with every country within our global atmosphere.

This secure, effective and safe CREDIT DISTRIBUTION system known as the CREDCHIT, wireless pay pass payment system has been tested by nearly 120 or more international organizations proving to be the answer to our international financial challenge projected to balance world currency request.

Providing higher standards of security, operating as part of the team implementing a much needed financial system as well as providing real time Information Technology (IT) solutions is our #1 service to providing much needed relations to our international community.

U.S. Reporting Agency

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