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In light from the recent event(s) in our world, globally, the U.S. Reporting Agency seeks a cease fire in areas in Iraq that may have continued conflict during Providential Reconstruction Efforts. To continue, all effort(s) from war shall be refocused and/or shall transition to refocusing on building international relationships between countries working with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS interest in peace, social balance, natural living environment(s), family & most important, a unique & sincere connection with creation.

The U.S. Reporting Agency shall operate with all U.S. civilian & military personnel in all countries. Israeli forces shall continue operating while the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS protect(s) global interest with indemnity against war, however, none the less, more formal government(s) from the Columbian District (DC) are encouraged to work with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS leadership, U.S. Reporting Agency executive defense & offense operations Chief, Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier, in establishing global INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Command, Community & Assistance Centers in major reconstructive areas.

Britain shall receive report(s) from the U.S. Reporting Agency on progress with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Social Reconstruction (SR) in INTERNATIONAL U.S. OEPRATIONS (West) territory, however, none the less, , all global governed officials, military heads & intelligence Agency operative(s) shall prepare for meeting(s) with the U.S. Reporting Agency INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS managed Directing Supervisory Agent (DSA) whom has been provided the manifest for global operational functionality balanced in provisions with calculations defeating war & installing effectively acceptable social system(s) for all.

The Islamic Nation shall be provided surety that the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS will establish advanced relationships designed to distribute technologically managed computer systems to establish a global technology providing information management to all. More than 100 Countries around the world including, however, not limited to China, India, Russia, Guam, Canada, Australia, Britain, Middle Eastern Countries &  More are awaiting a cease fire in all military arenas seeking Love Blessings that teach people how to experience the 'Living Heaven' on earth. Space Travel shall become more prevalent & become a more sincere focus for Mankind while war becomes a past memory faintly dismissed in a future that catapult(s) us into other planetary habitations fit for human living & acceptable (and in some instances more effective environmental planetary residency).

President Obama, when appropriate, shall meet with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Head Chief & U.S. Reporting Agency Directing Supervisory Agent (DSA) Dr. Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier to discuss global community social reconstruction (not to be confused with Providential Reconstruction in Baghdad), community expansion, social environmental achievement(s), 'FREE' Currency Units establishment, Credit extensions for global citizens, Firearm(s) Bans replaced by more effective & harmless Laser Control Units (LCU) in all global military, authority and/or Peace Officer environment(s), bans in secondary organizational network(s) & restoring global peace, holy balance & reintroducing our present 'Living Heaven' to all global citizens. Building to provide all citizens with effectively managed Housing, Office Space, providing organizational community business & executive assistance, training, correct human bio genetic(s) information to all citizens, currency, 'NEEDS' & Love to all global citizens is what the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS is doing. The U.S. Reporting Agency works to insure global Credit, Information Technology (IT) & Security are installed so we can all live happy without care. No Danger & global family spirit(s) shall be installed with 'NO' Police or Military Fear network(s). Smoking, Alcohol, Meat & other harmful secondary ills shall be removed & the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS seeks to provide all with what they 'NEED' most. Heavenly Guidance. The Living Lord shall Be revealed. الرب المعيشة.   Mahdi ... Living!

Talks about a presidential panel in the U.S. has been limited, however, as Millions to Billions in number(s) around the world lean toward working with the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS as Ground Squad Unit(s) move across the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS West region (formerly the U.S.), all global citizens are taking patriotism & the patriotic spirit, analyzing U.S. intention & requesting TRUTH, HONESTY, LOYALTY, LOVE, 'GOD', HAPPINESS & most important ... 'HEAVEN'. Take 'US' Home Alive Lord is our pray (The People Say).

The Living Heaven's Music will, in the very near future, reign supreme healing all within our global sphere (and even reaching into the spatial expanse). Wake up World. Manifest. Change. Think Paradise. Those whom have scarified. We shall live the Dream today ... Alive for Them.

Soldiers. Tell all your commanding Officers in every nation to prepare for a 'Cease Fire' in all Nations. Petition with all Soldiers. Tell them to report to their governments & to the White House & most important to the U.S. Reporting Agency. We desire a 'Cease Fire' for 'GOD'/ALLAH's People. If all 'US' don't want war, then Why don't We pray & stand for peace! Think Living Heaven!

We Seek 'HEAVEN'. The Living Heaven. Here on Earth & ... Up There. ... Up There^!


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All U.S. Reporting Agency Ground Squad Agents (GSA) must complete the U.S. Reporting Agency Special Agent Training Coarse (SATC). Special Agent Training (SAT) schedule information is available upon request. For further information, email trainingoperations@usreportingagency.org. U.S. as well as international clearances are in the final stages of completion for agents completing the 2011 U.S.R.A. Academy. Badge assignment distribution will occur per team, per class and/or per Specialized Agent upon authorization from the Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Assigned to your team, class, unit and/or Squad.


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