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The U.S. Reporting Agency ground squad has been busy since March, 2012, continuing forward with much needed official ground squad patrol(s). Military as well as U.S. Reporting Agency agents have maintained a low profile (generally operating under cover) while scouring assigned major city community streets clearing Information Technology (IT) networks associated with local, national & international governed operations. Agent(s) operating under Executive Orders (EO) from the Washington office are seeing many correction(s) managed since our 2009 program implementation, however, continue to expand operations as needed. While talk about opening INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS satellite office(s) are on the debating table, local authorities (Including Police, Sheriff's, Military Personnel, Homeland Security, Bureau employees, Secret Service and several other partnering agencies) are encouraged to assist the U.S. Reporting Agency Agent(s) in functional operations (generally in Code 1 Status), however, if in fact any such officer and/or deputy, assisting agency Agent and/or official should ever gather Intel leaving to an emergency, don't hesitate to intervene code 3. We recommend remaining distant from any U.S. Reporting Agency agents, however, if situations should require, controlling any potential threats. U.S. Reporting Agency agents are mostly outdoors during this Special Operations (SO) program. If you should ever accidentally question and/or come in contact with any such agent and/or anyone whom says they are a U.S. Reporting Agency agent (or such affiliation is suggested under operational cover), According to NWO Code 101.44(a), NWO Code 101.53 & NWO Code 104.20, regulatory guideline(s), they, under normal circumstances (no matter what type cover), should have a shield accompanied with agency distributed identification. Do to national and international security compliance ordinances, do not detain any agent associated with the U.S. Reporting Agency for any reason. CLICK HERE with any questions, concerns and/or arbitrary circumstances regarding agents and/or code enforcement conflicts should be presented to the U.S. Reporting Agency.


The U.S. Reporting Agency has received numerous request from citizens to assist in local police misconduct situations. The U.S. Reporting Agency provides correctional assistance to officers, agents, deputies, soldiers, etc., whom may have become subject to Enforcement Exposure Saturation (EES). CLICK HERE to report Police Brutality and/or Misconduct to the U.S. Reporting Agency. Linked to the Department of Defense (DOD) and working with partnering Internal Affairs (IA) agencies, we will assist in an Internal Affairs (IA) capacity to more effectively provide solutions and/or to prevent future account(s) from like actions.


Agent housing has been managed by the INTERNATIONAL U.S OPERATIONS, Creation Universal Real Estate & Management (UREAM) and partnering real estate and/or financial entities. Agent housing is also kept private, 'CONFIDENTIAL' and very secure. The U.S. Reporting Agency maintains operational steps to insure agents can feel safe at home. If housing locations are compromised and/or found to be insecure, housing placement officers will manage solutions that work for agents. We encourage all officers being placed in 'NEW' and/or existing housing locations to be patient as we finalize housing placement security protocol operations. We would also like to Thank all officers, officials, agent(s), citizens and other persons whom have assisted in the U.S. Reporting Agency operational functionality.

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