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U.S. Credit Union securities, protection, interest and select assets are certified Stock conversion instruments issued by the International U.S. Operations executive Branch. Under the authority of the International U.S. Operations Deputy Director in accordance and/or compliance with the 'Native Currency Regulatory Act(NCRA)' and the 'Sovereign Act of 2009(SA2009)'. International Regulatory stipulations adhered to by the U.S. Credit Union are issued, in full protection, by the International U.S. Operations, as an International Entity 'FREE' from regional restriction, regulatory control and/or provisions.

The U.S. Credit Union is insured by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation up to $100,000,000,000.00. Each client account managed by the U.S. Credit Union shall also receive full coverage up to the valued amount of $1,000,000.00 each.


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Stock vested in securities by the U.S. Credit Union receive increased protection. Billions of dollars in international currency information neighbor your valuable investments safe from even the network authorities. When you need a dependable ally, the U.S. Credit Union is on your team. Protect the assets even your children's children to the seventh generation believe in!


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The President of the U.S. Credit Union welcomes you to a 'NEW' authority in financial security, distribution, insured protection as well as currency management. Increase your current asset portfolio with our Business Management Authority (BMA) program. It's easy. CONTACT the U.S. Credit Union today.


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