ONLINE  ACCESS | 24/7 Hour Access

The International U.S. Operations online database is scheduled for 24 Hour service access in January to April 2019.

While the U.S. Credit Union International services operations executives expand the International U.S. Operations financial authority, power and effectiveness as it applies to currency management, the U.S. Credit Union's President, Jason Benedix prepares the newly announced financial conglomerate for the future of Global Advancement, growth and opportunity.

Dealing with more than $100 Billion dollars in total international assets, working with advanced organizational software, technologically enhanced managed databases, encrypted financial Information Technology (IT) protection combined with over 100 years experience provided by knowledgeable expert professionals is where the U.S. Credit Union's 'NEW'  24 Hours online access system receives it's protective security and effective functionality.

Previously U.S. Federal World Savings, the U.S. Credit Union has provided executive assets savings programs for sound, dedicated partners. Under newly introduced financial regulations, the U.S. Credit Union will provide transaction services such as 'Extended Business Lines of Credit', 'O Down' Payment Solutions, Assets Transaction, transfer, Balance and Statement History online.  Utilizing Strategically Integrated Technologies (SIT), the U.S. Credit Union is here for you.

Account Access Screen Name and Password are acquired when registering your account number online. This highly advanced future systems login will also correspond with Point of Sale as well as ATM interfaces. This makes U.S. Credit Union account balance and transaction history easily accessible from Millions of Worldwide locations.

Credit Card Access? Yes. The 24 hour U.S. Credit Union online access system will also extend the privilege of viewing credit card balances on cards issued by the U.S. Credit Union. Partners, stockholders, clients, employees and affiliates, view credit lines secured against the value of your securities account.  U.S. Credit Union.  ONLINE | 24/7 Hour Access!

The U.S. Credit Union is an official CREDCHIT Currency Units (CCU) distribution center agent. CREDCHIT Currency Units Accounts are Insured up to $1,000,000.00 in value by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC).


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