The U.S. Credit System Tax Free Incentive Program provides for extended Lines of Credit Up to $1,000,000,000.00. Internationally implemented programs, corporate expansions as well as dynamic investments in liquid technologies as well as highly technologically advanced communications, Holographic Video Electronics Research, Development and Manufacturing, governed social system enhancement expansions, Fleet Space Craft Design duplication and Military Future Weapons and Defense Laser Technology funding relationships exceed programs with partners whom already benefit from Tax Free Incentive programs provided by the U.S. Credit System.

Originations encouraged by the effectiveness of working together, committed to the same objectives, able to see the future of prosperous provision while simultaneously building working calculations to produce generous rewards within a global financial network like yours deserve the 'Big Chance' to experience accomplishing objectives coupled by the instant manifestation of success a Million, Multi Million up to a Billion in  currency value authorization can produce. Expansion programs for Fortune 500 Enterprises meet long existing programs that extend the benefit provisions of working within a system and/or with appropriate partners that allow the extension of such Tax Free Incentive Programs (TDIP) as those introduced by the U.S. Credit Union.

As Official Officers, Executive Operations Directors have been certified as well as authorized to distribute extensions to governed U.S. Employees, specialized organizational partners, Agents, Officers, Identified beneficiaries and selected clients. Insured by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation(GDIC), the U.S. Credit Union official credit rendered decisions are highly mandated by regulatory guidelines issued by the International Credit Union. These guidelines, however free from the U.S. Tax System provide as a productively encouraged protection developed to insure the right financial experience win Superier in productive design and application within issuance of such maintained extension amounts.

The tax Free incentive program introduces Currency Value distributed in International U.S. Operations stock transferred and recorded captured in real time Certificate of Deposit accounts for immediate Verification of Deposit (VOD), credit reporting, O Down Purchase Insurance Protection designed to prevent organizations from asking for up front currency when making purchased utilizing a Tax Free Currency System. Such Certificate of Deposit(CD) account (s) shall upon account establishment be encrypted into the new CREDCHIT International Currency Units System as outlined in the CREDCHIT Regulations, policy and procedures and identified in currency value amount in such securities account. No Terms. No Hassle!