U.S. CREDIT UNION | Financial Services

U.S. Credit Unions Executively sculpted financial packages designed intentionally to introduces new possibilities as it applies to currency provisions simultaneously provide more practical real time solutions to each client, account and service to maximize currency protection and security.  Effectively courteous agents raised specifically to cultivate attractive financial portfolios representing impressive asset increases utilize Class A Model specifications for superlative presentation as just one of the ways we show you we care. U.S. Credit Union Financial Services relationships. What matters most!


Award winning partners nurturing stock awards issued by the International U.S. Operations Finance Department as well as several additional partners issuing stimulus and/or distribution bail out packages in the form of stock awards utilize the U.S. Credit Union as their securities home. Specializing in translating, converting and/or transferring authorized as well as specially certified privately held stock into CREDCHIT Credit Currency Units equivalent to U.S. as well as international bank note value, the U.S. Credit Union delivers. Ask an accounts executive about our quick and easy 'Stock Leverage Program' designed to allow any stock account holder to leverage currency value secured in stock toward insured 0 Down Purchases of any kind up to $1 Million Dollars.


Utilize U.S. Credit Union Certificate of Deposit(CD) services to secure up to $1,000,000,000.00 in global assets. Deposit your stock securities options into the U.S. Credit Union today. Accrue attractive incentives with a 'No Interest Necessary Account'. Receive an 'Instant Approval' on a 'Limited Line of Credit' up to $1,000,000.00 for each CD account.


Financial Services extensions provided and/or managed by the U.S. Credit Union are provided to clients having been determined as qualified by the U.S. Credit Union accounts application process. Such extensions of financial service, as outlined in the U.S. Credit Union and/or CREDCHIT as well as International U.S. Operations Policy and Procedure, shall not exceed $1,000,000,000.00 in currency value unless preauthorized by U.S. Credit Union Chief Executive Officer.