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At the U.S. Credit Union, we believe on 'PARTNERSHIPS BUILT ON TRUST'. Building incredible trust relationships with our Award Recipients (AR's). Benefit tremendously from being a Million Dollar Award Recipient or be a part of what the U.S. Credit Union trust bond is made of as a n Executive Billion Dollar Award Partner. U.S. CREDIT UNION | Finally, A Solution!

LIST OF AWARD PARTNERS | Organizations                                             1 2  |  34 |  5  |  67

SOVEREIGN Financial J.P. Morgan Chase Bank of America World Financial U.S. Bank
Morgan Stanley Embassy Suites N.A.S.A Northrop Grumman Citibank
Boeing Intl. U.S. Operations SUNI Corporation Conocco Phillips Angel G Win Foundation
Southwest Airlines ING Hilton Marriott Department of Defense
T2Ring Technologies General Electric(GE) E*Trade EBay Motorola
Boost Mobile Myspace Motel 6 Microsoft Scottrade
Banyon Technologies Staples KB Homes Card Werk Technology Rocket Dyne Technology
Bentley Motors Equifax C.I.A. Comerica Bank U.S. Air Force
U.S. Navy Brinks CDC Social Services Food 4 Less COMPAQ
Wells Fargo Arrowhead HP U.S.R.A. U.S. Army
Subway FBGA Law Hummer Sun seeker DZ Card International
Universal Superier (U.S.) Records UCLA Akai USC Vivendi Universal
American Legion DHL CNN Pacific Currency Exchange Amtrak
L.A. Metro Pacsan Management City of Los Angeles Warner Brothers Noynab International
Sony SUNI Corporation Arrowhead Intl. Masonic Lodge Office Depot
NBC Ford Verizon VW We Answer
J C Penney Sprint Black Ice We Answer Mercedes Benz
K.B. Toys Herbal Life Franchise Tax Board Adult Vest Sierra Graham
Sears I Tunes AIG Enterprise Luxury Air Jets
Paypal Inc. Nissan Go Daddy Mc Donald's Yahoo
MasterCard SEC F.B.I. FDIC Visa
Sheraton Dunn and Bradstreet U.S. Marines Airbus A380 Trans Union
Standard & Poors UPS Majela Thompson Deloitte & Touche U.S. Reporting Agency
Abbott Fitzgerald Latham and Watkins Nike Wal-Mart Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

The list above is a minimized list of organizations extracted from the U.S. Credit Union Award Partner Recipient Distribution (APRD) list.

Organizational partners identified as Award recipients are provided credit value extensions up to $1,000,000,000.00 for specialized international projects certified as global assurance initiatives by certified executive authority officials. SOVEREIGN Financial, International U.S. Operations and CREDCHIT International with the help of the U.S. Reporting Agency step to the forefront in solidifying necessary relationships with financial partners with the focus of expanding the functional operability of organizations woven into the fabric of our everyday experiences                                                       1 2  |  34 |  5  |  67

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