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At the U.S. Credit Union, we believe in 'PARTNERSHIPS BUILT ON TRUST'. Building credible relationships with our Award Recipients (AR's) is #1 priority at the U.S. Credit Union. Benefit tremendously from being a Million Dollar Award Recipient or be a part of what the U.S. Credit Union trust bond is made of as an Executive Billion Dollar Award Partner.

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Donald Trump Teddy Turner III Bill Gates Alicia Keys Harold Gould Esq.
Janet Jackson DuPont Family Rothschild Family Larry Flynt George Bush
Banyan Tree Holdings LLC Olusheyi Banjo Meka India Alex Alexander Ralph R. Olson
Alex Kessler Esq. Chike Amobe Esq. Agent James Russell Hon. Mark Zuckerman Natasha Hughes
Paris Hilton Zamoni Martin Leslie Holland Kimora Lee Simmons Jolene C. Vaughn
Steven Winogradsky Esq. Nicole Narain Tiger Woods Diamond J. Williams Lloyd Handler Esq.
Matthew Knowles Sharon Brown Esq. Byron Whitmore Jason Benedix Tyra Banks
Antonio Villairgosa Matthew Boop Steve Gradsky John Hill Marcus Beatty
Claudia Quintino David Wright Hon. Victor Wright Lynn Beatty Greg Tarbert
Hon. John Meigs Christina Milian Yvonne B. Burke Mike Utley Hon. James C. McGuire
Steve McDonald Barbara Minter Niece Knight Steven Hawkins Ralph Brown
Tamika Parker Alexander Devoe Shawn Eiferman Richard Downer Sean Puffy Combs
Hon. Cynthia Rayvis Neal Tabachnick Esq. Doug Morris Maani Edwards Hon. Robert Morton
Sam Wang Alan Takahashi Hon. Hector Guzman Kassidy Mcallister Sylvia Rhone
Danielle Morris Stephen A. Varga Esq. A. B. R. Frazier Vincent Manor Lori Harris Esq.
Susan Larson Oprah Winfrey Megan Anthony Mr. and Ms. Mario Frazier Myishea Peters Frazier
Beyonce G. Knowles Robyn Rihanna Fenty Russell Simmons Kyonna Bryant Jada Pinkett
Marilyn Brannon Hon. Raymond Haight Carmen Hayes Elijah Polk NaShawn Durden
Orion Omari Jordan Frazier Condoleezza Rice Kim Jong II William Campbell Eddie Murphy
Ayana Guillory Dmitry Medvedev Will Smith Colen Powell Frank Rorie Esq.

*The partners listed have been issued $1 Million or More in Currency Value (CV). NOTE: If your name and/or organization appear on the above list and you seek information regarding such award, please CONTACT US for documentation. We will be happy to provide official information as well as issue certified documentation regarding your award. If your name is not listed above, and you seek information on a U.S. Credit Union Award, please CONTACT the    U.S. CREDIT UNION | Finally, A Solution!
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Inorder to access your award, CONTACT the U.S. Credit Union. The U.S. Credit Union will provide detailed information regarding your award value, stock, Certificate of Deposit (CD), securities, insured protection and/or trust account award partner recipient information. To receive a Security Verification Access Request (SVAR) necessary to access 24 Hr. Live Customer Support account assistance, CONTACT the U.S. Credit Union today.



Awards are distributed in varied denominations. This is just a portion of our entire partner list. For additional partners CLICK HERE.