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Experience timeless as well as honorable financial currency management with the U.S. Credit Union. Save a world of currency up to $1,000,000.00 in each account. Note: For securities up to $1,000,000,000.00 ask a U.S. Credit Union professional for financial services assistance.                                      ACCESS MY ACCOUNT        OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT


U.S. Credit Union Savings accounts are designed to provide real time savings for currency connected to active accounts maintained by the U.S. Credit Union. Accounts insured by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) up to $1,000,000.00 provide the security necessary for account holders to make financially free decisions. As an outstanding member of the International Credit Union Association, the U.S. Credit Union extends securities incentives such as stock award provisions to all account holders.


CREDCHIT International Currency Units accounts are available for partners, members, executives, officers, agents and/or representatives of the U.S. Credit Union. This privilege is also available to selected participants as well as clients having requested and/or been invited to participate in CREDCHIT account programs. To continue, CREDCHIT International currency accounts alleviate the hassle of dealing with common forms of currency transfer such as bank notes, checks and even credit cards. With CREDCHIT accounts, you are your value. To expand further, with CREDCHIT Currency Unit accounts, value in monetary amounts are verified by the U.S. Credit Union and, upon request and/or presentation by account holder, verified directly by the financial institution and communicated to the vendor. Manual authorizations are verbally provided, up to $1,000,000.00 or more accompanied by the appropriate approvals, recorded and documented for high end CREDCHIT account holders.


Utilize the U.S. Credit Union's Star 'Line of Credit' extension today. Allow an authorized U.S. Credit Union Agent define a Credit Solution with enough currency to get the job done. 100% Tax 'FREE' line of Credit with no finance charges make 'LINES OF CREDIT' that much more friendly. Attention Stock Holders: Utilize your stock currency value as insurance to secure a line of credit against.  Why go anywhere else for your financial needs? CONTACT the U.S. Credit Union today!