Regulatory provisions connected to currency compensation for United Nations (UN) arrangements distributed by the U.S. Credit Union under provisionary supervision of the International Credit Union Association (ICUA). Free from restriction

'International U.S. Operations Enforcement Act of 2009'

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< General Deposit Insurance Corporation    <SOVEREIGN Financial    > International Credit Union Administration  > NWO Ordinance Code   <CREDCHIT Provisions

SECTION 1. TERMS As continued currency provisions are merged into international currency, to effectively provide a more effective as well as provisionary method of barter, bartering, trade, exchange and/or mutually agreed compensation for goods, services, aid, need, needs, assistance, balances due, debt, currency requested and/or provided, alliance tender, stockholder as well as partner remittance and/or international patronage, swap, deal and/or swap as well as other substitutions, especially within times designated and/or identified as emergency, within an international degree in relation to currency, the need to have currency provided, currency assistance and/or request, etc., in addition to the most common transfers accepted amongst organizations and institutions, the CREDCHIT International currency units system, under this agreement, extended to all international partners requesting such goods, services, tender and/or assistance from the United Nations resulting from natural disaster, conflict, situations beyond the scope of human comprehension, control and/or otherwise maintained and/or managed, shall be accepted as authorized currency tender, in manual and/or electronic MODE, as is related to transfers for any global purchasee engaged in accordance with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS NWO Code 210.4. Manual transfer authorization numbers issued by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS organization shall serve as the number one device representing authorized transfer, accepted method of payment in full whether electronic and/or manual Intermodal and/or other identifying full currency compensation, complete in nature, for all intense and purpose. Manual transfer shall be documented online within authorized financial system computer systems, databases and/or accounts viewable in table and/or statement online. Currency issued to the UNITED NATIONS (UN) shall be managed by the issuing institution providing each currency recipient with a CREDCHIT Transaction Identification Numbrer(CTIN), Certified Transfer Authorization Code (CTAC), Receiving Account Number (RAN) and associated International CREDCHIT Routing Number (ICRN).  Current identified issuing organizations include, however, are not limited to the U.S. Credit Union, U.S. Federal World Savings and SOVEREIGN Financial. Currency certified by the International Interpol Authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) as well as valued in full, as inspected by the Pacific Currency Exchange shall be transferred accordingly, as requested per transfer per transaction. As of the Thirteenth day of January in the year of the Lord Two Thousand and Ten, the UNITED NATIONS (UN), having been issued a minimum 1 Billion in CREDCHIT International Currency Units accompanied by a complete transaction authorization number, shall issue such currency, as needed to those in need, with the immediate primary focus on providing Aid to Haiti, provided in authorized medium, in accordance with this Act.

SECTION 2. PAYMENTS Any parties seeking payment, compensation, currency provisions, barter tender for services, goods and/or agreed exchange transactions, after having been issued an authorization number, must  must submit an invoice to INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS International Credit Union Association(ICUA) Chartered organizations, institutions, partners and/or entities and CREDCHIT International/or CREDCHIT International for an authorized manual and/or electronic payment 'In Full'. Send invoices managed by the U.S. Credit Union to and enter payment transfer details by CLICKING THIS LINK. CREDCHIT transfers, in accordance with the CREDCHIT policies and/or procedures as well regulations and/or NWO Ordinances shall be issued in complete clear faith, clean and clear as Raw Currency in full value.

SECTION 3. FULL PROTECTED AUTHORIZATION All transfers maintained and/or managed, in accordance with the Sovereign Act of 2009 as well as the International U.S. Operations Enforcement Act of 2009, NWO Ordinance Code, International Interpol Authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) certification articles as well as this act, are done so officially accepted as payment in full for any debt, invoice, financial request and/or obligation as noted by any CREDCHIT Issuing Institution (CII), partner, affiliate, account holder and/or authorized transfer agent. Transfers are  regulated by the U.S. Reporting Agency and fraudulent use and/or unauthorized reproduction associated with CREDCHIT authorization numbers, transfer protocol and/or currency exchange is a violation of NWO Code 210.5(e).


International U.S. Operations Enforcement Act of 2009




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