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International U.S. Operations   NATIVE CURRENCY REGULATORY ACT     Created and Revised June, 2009  

Article 1.        Under sovereign regulatory design recognizing and/or applying to currency generated within those citizens of all nations, providences, countries and/or incorporated design, within the international  boundaries of this earthly manifest, all whom have registered as and/or identify themselves to be 'Native' in nature, having descent from various documented native tribes, lands, providences as well as official internationally objective native lands overseas as well as and/or procured to be called native, this regulatory act shall apply.

Article 2.        This act shall also apply to all whom have, for reasons of personal choice, order, direction of the state, government, authorities and the likes, sacrificed their original heritage, nature, purity in the such as it is called, claimed and/or seen in the eye, light and/or vision of some, twined, mixed, increased biological provision, come together with a native person, tribe, family, entity and/or the other.

Article 3.        Under this act, all whom have provided, given, transferred currency, allowed the borrowing of currency, signed agreements to utilization of currency, been in correspondence with organizations that are generally in use, operating and/or generating revenue from the currency of native design and/or it's provisional partners mentioned above and/or below as well as those whom have remained silent in the least in an effort to keep the peace, are found exempt, under this act, from Federal regulation as it relates to the need, idea of recompense, consideration and/or payment, tax, repayment and/or compensation in the such in return for currency that is now regulated by this act, belonging to the people, you, I, us, the natives, our brothers, sisters, family, tribe, contribution thereof from native virgin origin, design in the least, etc.

Article 4.        This act may be amended, transferred, revised and/or altered by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Chief Executive Officer, under the duel sovereignty state of provision, primary in nature as it applies to the peace, well being, nature of existence, functionality and/or liveliness associated with all mankind and/or the interactions of the governed bodies as such entrusted with protecting the people from governed design, the exploitation, misuse and/or taking advantage of, corruption and/or manipulation regarding the currency of the people, native in nature, by alternate regulatory bodies such as Federal representatives.

Article 5.        The issuance, method of handling, authoritative use and/or exchange, transfer as well as provision as it applies to international currency claimed, belonging to, utilized by, inherited from or for, given to, awarded as the such and/or by sovereign provision encountered and/or managed by CREDCHIT International as a sovereign entity and/or the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS organizational department, it's governed bodies and/or authorized agents of said construction and/or design shall be regulated by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS 'Currency Exchange Board (CEB)' and/or it's board of directors in the absence of the (CEB). Said Currency shall be subject to the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS regulations department and under this act be free from regulatory restriction imposed by Federal agencies, governed bodies and/or governances otherwise stated and/or independently derived from governments and/or their created representatives outside of the shield, protection and/or provision of the International U.S. Operations organization.

Article 6.        Under this act the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS organizations, it's representatives, officers, agents, executives, appointed persons as the such and/or it's divisions, subsidiaries, affiliations and/or connected functional and/or ancillary units such as the U.S. Reporting Agency, Ground Squad Units, Military control units, U.S. Special Forces, Special Black Operations, etc., may, with and/or by any means, protect, defend, shield and/or enlighten all native currency, regardless of previous agreement, design, association and/or union from exploitation, misuse, corruption, manipulation, torture, abuse, slavery, oppression, down send, tribulation, tests and/or lucid activity.

Article 7.         Any representative or design opposing this act, presuming defiant action and/or conspiring to prevent any native officer, agent, representative, citizen and/or person from protecting their own personal currency shall be in violation of this Regulatory Act subject to correction determined by sovereign authority.

Article 8.         Any opposition, question, concern and/or obvious situation arising from the implementation of this act by persons identified above in Article 7 of the Native Currency Regulatory Act shall be handled in arbitration between said parties and the Honorable Chairman of the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS  organization, placed in the highest mode of priority to come to a corrective solution and/or acceptable provision necessary to satisfy those presenting said grievance.

Article 9.         In the event of International unrest, the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS organization shall provide effective action necessary to bring such undesirable circumstances, with the grace of the Honorable court of the U.S. into a place and/or environmentally acceptable experience of peace.

Article 10.     This Regulatory Act has been devise by governed bodies, both silent and out spoken, peaceful and at bay on this Tenth day of the month of June in the year of the Lord Two Thousand and Nine by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Regulatory initiative bodies, governed in design for all to see upon the thirteenth to fourteenth hour  of the day under the sun of the sovereign supreme architect in which man may, with able effect, in the notion of life, liberty and/or provision, agree as such in truth and honor for the people, by the people and of the people.

Documentation Record Information: The Native Currency Regulations Act has been received, recorded and presented by the  Honorable Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier with official authorization commanded by the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS International Regulatory Committee (IRC) under the eye of the sun, provisionary providence of the 'NEW WORLD' separate and/or in part as illusion, whole in nature as a global body as one under the administration of governance, sovereignty and eternal existence.

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