The IIAIECA is an equal opportunity administration providing trust privileges to Agents as well as officers. To continue, The IIAIECA provides currency as well as general authority regulations certification and licensing to official organizations, enforcement, peace, financial, securities, insurance and executive officers (President/CEO), investigators, agents, executives, Justices,  and more.

The IIAIECA provides fair and just certification, unbiased and non discriminatory services as it applies to race, color, creed, gender, age, distinguished differences and/or nationality.

Executive by SJL


The International Interpol Authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) consist of active as well as fully functional silent partners maintaining operational status within active areas of the International Intelligence, Enforcement and Legal communities possessing as well as extending TRUST authority, Justice Power of Enforcement, code and/or ordinance creation, amendment and/or revision as well as insurance and securities power of authority and/or certification.|     Click to view GOVERNANCE


The International Interpol authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) shall, as of the first day of the month of July in the year of the Lord Two Thousand and Nine announce the issuance of CREDIT UNION authentication, certification as well as independent agent, officer, executive and/or representative certification to issue such CREDIT as identified in the INTERNATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION ACT further extended to each Credit Union within a viable CHARTER that shall act as a bond of TRUST, Power of Attorney, Authority and/or Certification within international Jurisdiction to authorize such CREDIT to clients, representatives, employees, officers, agents, acquaintances, relatives, customers, identified account holders, partners, stock holders, affiliates, members and/or collective initiates. Such credit shall be extended in such as to the extent and ability is proclaimed to generate such manual authorization numbers representing such CREDIT until such time presented in which the new system has devised, connected, comprised and/or installed such electronic systems able to transmit electronically such CREDIT Authorization. | More...


The International Interpol Authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) exercising 100% trust  Sovereign power of self determination as it applies to international design and self determination utilize such authority as disseminated by international authority partners, The International U.S. Operations Executive Branch Deputy Director and enforced by the U.S. Reporting Agency Specialized Agents and Officers to manifest certification for such organizations determined as able to distribute and/or disperse, prepare as well as issue such certification privileges to all whom apply having been approved by those within the international collective committee able to see and/or have the authority to read and/or transmit, communicate and/or claim such determination, information or fact. Enforcement of such Certifications, including, however,  not limited to  Identity Verification of officially employed agents and Peace Officers as well as currency verification identified currency treasuries and/or international financial institutions. To acquire certification enforcement documentation, contact the U.S. Reporting Agency.