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The General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) provides insurance as well as securities to international Governed Authorities as well as International financial Institutions functionally trading CREDCHIT International Credit Units.

The General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) is also the preferred as well as provisionary institution providing insurance security to all currency trading transactions maintained by the International Currency Exchange (ICEXCH)  as well as the West Coast Stock Exchange (WCSEXCH) and the Pacific Currency Exchange (PCEXCH).

The future of International Insurance regulations shall be maintained by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) as a primary choice in Currency as well as trading security.

Furthermore, based on a foundation of Trust, Honor, Service as well as Commitment to the protection of our Global Currency reserves, the General Insurance Deposit Corporation (GDIC) proves #1! Use the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and APPLY NOW!

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