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This is a model insurance policy of the General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) GENERAL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSAL INSURANCE POLICY manufactured by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation. This policy shall extend to all policy holders, employees, executives, agents, representatives and/or family members whom have expressly requested insurance as well as those whom have the express right to the protection and/or insurance as stated herein. Coverage waives all premiums providing 100% protection to all parties having been extended such coverage by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation and/or it's partners, affiliates and/or representatives. To apply for coverage CLICK HERE


1. GENERAL PROTECTION. This policy, issued by the GENERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, shall serve as a means of security, insurance, coverage, protection and/or the likes as well as application to circumstances calling for an extended provision of such provided service in the personal effect and/or induction as ‘LIVE’ requirements demand within living as in ‘LIVE’ Insurance, driving as in ‘AUTOMOTIVE’ insurance, utilizing normal as well as common methods of maintaining possession of personal goods and/or property such as ‘HOME’ and/or ‘HOUSE’ insurance, ‘PROPERTY’ and/or ‘ESTATE’ insurance, ‘MISCELANEOUS’ Insurance, in instances in which personal well being are in question, ‘MEDICAL’ Insurance also called and/or referred to as ‘HEALTHCARE’ Insurance which also includes ‘DENTAL’ Insurance as well as ‘EYE’ Insurance. For clients and/or participants who have been engaged in and/or expect to and/or having already participated in business shall also benefit from exceptional ‘BUSINESS’ Insurance in any manner necessary. Also, ‘FINANCIAL’ Insurance to cover accounts, Stocks having been issued, Stocks to be issued, Stocks stored within Over Seas Accounts, Certificates of Deposits being maintained by the ‘PRINCIPLE’ master employer of the General Deposit Insurance Corporation whom, for the purposes of Identification provided within this document, shall be the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Executive Branch, Subsidiaries, Divisions, Affiliates, Representatives, Officers, Agents and employees. To continue, any other named insurance and/or required security shall be covered under this GENERAL INSURANCE POLICY extending beyond U.S. and/or providential policy regulations provided under the vantage of the ‘Sovereign Act of 2009’. As a result of such Issued Extension (IE), this GENERAL INSURANCE POLICY shall provide international coverage to all whom shall receive coverage under the provisional rights of this policy in whole and/or in part within and/or without, included and/or excluded as presumed protection of currency also being made possible as a result of such currency, in it’s increased amounts having effectively experienced such protection, in it’s primal state of operation, as operational as a shield of currency manufactured by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation, structured, programmed and/or concluded for manufacture, as proclaimed in professionalism functionally, as policy manufacturers industry standard most common in creation of such esteemed coverage, place such currency of such ‘priceless’ design into a model having been prepared with the intent to duplicate such imperatively impeccable insurance to those whom seek such insurance for individual use, use of policy protection for a group, employees, clients, drivers, team, families and/or collectives and/or varied use of such general protection.


2. TERMS. Upon policy issuance, it shall be possible to utilize such policy for the general protection of each mentioned account above as well as those circumstances not mentioned herein. This policy shall cover any and/or all equipment, hardware, items, goods, assets, effects including, however, not limited to Boats, Jet Skis, Additional Automotive Stereo Equipment, Home Stereo Equipment, Goods, Furniture, Clothing, Jewels, Life, Children, Spouses, Parents, Siblings, Automobiles, Limousines, Airplanes, Tractor, Trailer, Computers, Hard Drives, Main Frames, Networks, Servers and/or other goods from theft, vandalism, manufacture defects, manufacturer warranty extensions (express and/or implied). The terms of this agreement shall by default extend 12 months from the date such agreement was obtained, signed and/or electronically concluded as having been provided, automatically installed into ones employment, family effect, etc.  Upon expiration of policy, there shall, as a benefit of incredible extension, be imposed as *Star policy protection, an automatic renewal with coverage power privileges that span an additional 12 months as necessary, recurring as many times as needed for a ten year tenure from the date this policy was signed and/or enforced.


3. COVERAGE AMOUNT. This general policy shall cover all goods and/or services as well as provisions as defined in section two and section three of this agreement up to $1,000,000,000.00. This section shall also extend coverage for the full retail value price of any good up to $1,000,000,000.00 as well as cover the policy holder from deposit responsibility upon purchase. Any purchase premiums and/or down payments shall be waived under the provision of this section utilizing the authority as well as credit power of insurance partners able to see any 0 down purchase determined by the INTERNATIONAL CREDIT UNION ASSOCIATION as described in purchases provided authorization numbers by the issuing U.S. CREDIT UNION. This coverage included organization functionality, employment furnishings and the. There shall be no premium necessary for Executives having been automatically covered by such insurance and/or instrument of security, however, a premium of $500.00 to $1,000.00 may be imposed by the General Insurance Deposit Insurance Corporation, at the discretion of the General Deposit Insurance Corporation when such insurance premium is necessary.


4. SECURITIES. All securities for all person, individual and/or group, corporate and/or personal, independent and/or dependent in whole and/or in part, private and/or public of legal acquisition and/or other means of proposed possession, stock, money market accounts, bank notes, currency, dynamism, Certificate of Deposits, Annuities and Assets shall, under this section receive full coverage against loss, theft, fraud, destruction of documentation, loss of documentation, conspiracy, embezzlement and natural law. The full amount of each security, should it become necessary, shall be replaced in whole, part and/or any accepted mediums in between. In instances in which lawyers, judges, officials, authority personnel, finance management and/or executive finance assistance may have misconstrued certain financial data in order that it may benefit them effectively, this insurance section shall, in effect, upon self determination and/or preclusions, give the policy holder the right to, upon determination of loss, submit a stated value of such loss and under this policy, the General Deposit Insurance Corporation, Drawn on the International U.S. Operations Treasury Department Reserves, the provisions of the U.S. Credit Union, U.S. Federal World Saving Financial Institution, SOVEREIGN Financial and/or any of it’s insurance and/or securities partners, full payment for each circumstance. This policy also covers trust, wills and/or inherited asset, property, stock and/or provision


5. EXCLUSIONS. ACCIDENTAL DEATH is not covered by this policy; however, upon the introduction of the possibility of death of such effect, the General Deposit Insurance Corporation shall present a precluded pretension program preventing such possibility from occurring. In such, the General Deposit Insurance Corporation shall not be liable for recompense and does not make any claim to such effect regarding anything other than the upgrade in premium insurance coverage designed to prevent even accidental death from occurring. The General Deposit Insurance Corporation, having provided such disclaimer of liability shall consider payment up to $50,000,000.00 for each life saved in the event of such occurrence. To continue, any person having entered into any circumstance in which this policy shall be subject to enforcement, those having no coverage and/or having been found and/or determined as within an area as a result of misconduct and/or having maliciously and/or intentionally disregarded the SOCIAL CODE are subject to claim dismissal. All claims and/or challenge, opposition and/or transmittal regarding this policy shall be handled in arbitration and, by this clause, extends beyond coverage of that commonly heard in civil and/or criminal court, therefore, by such section, shall, by term and/or exclusion, dismiss court in any regard as the method of conclusion and/or solution regarding any matter in which such account holder may encounter. In the likes, this policy shall extend legal immunity to it’s holder as well as pardon properties, recognized to the highest degree of honorable justice, parameter and/or Sovereign Court.


6. MISCELLANEOUS. This policy shall also, within the increased provisions of such upgraded premium coverage provide *Star Health Care Coverage which insures connectivity in real time with a Multi Million Dollar Star Agent for advanced protection extending into nutrition assurance, $1,000,000.00 in automotive Coverage provided in 12 Month Cycles subject and/or enforced utilizing the provided terms within section 2. Miscellaneous coverage shall also include credit card fraud coverage shielding the policy holder from any fraud responsibility in whole and/or in part. This policy will, if need be, cover all lost, damaged and/or misplaced items in question if and/or when such policy holder has been found in a position for restitution.


7(a). FINANCIAL SECURITY. The General Deposit Insurance Corporation shall provide, upon request by policy holder and determination of need up to $1,000,000.00 in currency security, distributed in stock, credit currency as well as, in emergency circumstances bank notes if, for what ever reason, the policy holder should find him and/or herself in need of a currency extension. As a policy holder, each coverage partner must present policy and/or proof of policy to any U.S. Credit Union financial center for an immediate ‘Line of Credit’ as a benefit of this UNIVERSAL INSURANCE POLICY.


7(a)(i)(g). O DOWN INSTALLMENT PAYMENT POLICY PROTECTION. The General Deposit Insurance Corporation insures all ‘O Down product purchases’ and, under SECTION 6 of this General Insurance Policy, protects the insurance holder from the request of currency to acquire purchased goods.  Under Section 3 of this insurance policy agreement, insurance coverage shall extend into buyer protection exercising U.S. CREDIT UNION membership rights to automatic ‘0 Down Purchase’ on A Lease transactions with and/or without options to buy. Under this section, buyer protection also pay, automatically any payment terms for purchases for 3 to 13 months in addition to any payment terms presented by purchaser. Where installments are required, the General Deposit Insurance Corporation, with no premium to the policy holder, will issue a certificate of payment to requesting establishments in the full amount of installment.


8. PRESENTATION. In the event that such policy is in need of enforcement, provisional presentation and/or ha been requested for review, present this policy in whole and/or in part to determine your coverage, 100% in natural determination, with any provision and/or preclusion necessary for your most effective protection.

9. CERTIFICATION. This policy has been approved by the Executive Insurance Director authorized by the GENERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION under Issuance#13977710 issued by the U.S. Reporting Agency in compliance with the office of the  International U.S. Operations International Certification Commission.  This policy has been issued by an International Insurance Authority and extends International Coverage for the policy holder. To continue, this policy, it’s coverage, terms and/or provision are not subject to regulations imposed by any agency restricted to regional enforcement and, thus, has received international operational clearances to operate as well as generate insurance policies for UNIVERSAL/GENERAL Coverage by the U.S. Reporting Agency, it’s Officers, Agents, Representatives and/or Executive Branch Officials such as the Deputy Director, Chief Executive Officer and/or the Supervisory and/or Directing Securities Director.


10. CLAIMS CONTROL. All claims entertained by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation are paid in full by the General Deposit Insurance Corporation usually within 30 to 90 days, extending, in some cases to 120 days. Payment is disbursed in 100% currency compensation methods. Such payment shall be backed by the value increased in dynamic protection claim, in full stock, distributed in certificate determination and/or card designed to extend credit, provisionally converted into such medium of exchange by the U.S. CREDIT UNION when applicable. As a privately held organization, under the rights provided within, the General Deposit Insurance Corporation recognizes as well as presumes coverage lineated by the ‘Sovereign Act of 2009’, NWO Ordinances as well as international CREDCHIT Currency Credit Units policy, procedure and/or regulation.




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NOTE: The portion of the NWO Ordinance Code has been presented in this publicly published rendition/2009 Online Version of the International U.S. Operations in part to address public policy and/or procedure of the International U.S. Operations Code and/or the U.S. Reporting Agency enforcement division. NWO Ordinance Code, policies and/or procedures as well as the accompanying code and/or interpreted text shall be subject to change and published quarterly within an international forum.