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dad's making it happen in a time of need...



The dad's against abortion program is designed to provide teenage, low income, in need as well as future mothers

whom may have fears regarding motherhood the option of relying on a network of knowledgeable medical professionals,

counselors, team players, family members, financial assistance facilitators as well as advocates of life and reproduction

the opportunity to assist with bringing new life into this world.


The Father's for Families program promotes good health, attitude, well being, positive image as well as confident

provisions for mothers of all ages and races to feel good about the most powerful ability in creation to produce life.

Fathers 4 Families programs, in times of need, are designed to facilitate the process of healthy living, growth as well as

provisionary functional support for families, single parent households as well as mother and child teams whom have

found positive male role models whom are willing to assist in raising our future leaders.


As we increase the functionality of our program, support of families with 1 to 13 children will be able to receive financial

support, housing, educational assistance, medical coverage benefits, automotive assistance as well as extended

community family support from the Fathers 4 Families community tree.


Abortion is no longer needed for our delicate, beautiful and extremely worthy female counter parts, no matter what the




When supporting life, well being, liberty and justice is the first priority for our female counterparts.


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