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SOCIAL CONDUCT CODES (Including Correction (s) )

IMPOSITION OF SELF WILL ISC100 No person, seeing with the appropriate degree of light shall be prohibited to impose their own self will on another to the degree that bodily injury, mutilation, disfigurement and/or torture occurs. This includes, however, is not limited to tattoos, sodomy, vaginal and/or penile disfigurement, mental and/or mind control, etc. The ability to control, have power over others, utilize trust and/or higher degree powers, etc. may not be used and/or by this code restricts agents, officers and/or persons of a higher degree from imposing digitally copied and/or encrypted spiritual signatures upon another regardless of sex, age and/or relation. This ordinance shall also restrict agents and/or higher degree transference from effecting, changing, marking persons, effecting health, disposition, sexual design, etc. For example, agents may not, once digitally, spiritually, etc. transferred, change mental state of mind, prevent natural decision making process of persons of any race, creed, decree, age and/or sex, add tattoos to skin, torture and/or piercing to the personal body, effect and/or being of those persons they have been found and/or captured within.ISC101 It shall, under this ordinance, be considered a violation of any beings sovereign provision to infringe on their rights. This shall be extended into the areas connected to enforcement by local, state and/or national as well as international corrections, reform and/or normal practice b justices, court proceedings, etc.

REPRODUCTION ISC110 Pregnancy as well as increased reproduction is encouraged on an international basis. The endangered species unit shall be assigned to functionally and/or effectively enforce the implementation thereof and/or the protection of the people in lieu of this social code. ISC120 The increased Reproduction of all able citizens whom have the functional ability to mate, regardless of years, will reproduce and/or regenerate as it applies to life force, shall participate in regeneration. ISC130 There shall be no authority within the Sovereign state of controlled anarchy found within our international boundaries that shall raise an eyebrow and/or a finger to consensual relations amongst persons of any design for any reason. This is especially true when addressing families, relatives, royal provisions, cousins, friends, chosen and/or planned relations by families of royal design, etc.

ISC140(a)It is hereby stated as it applies to the production, reproduction and/or interaction of all people having stimulated a liking and/or desire to connect with a member of the opposite sex, within the scope of natural behavior as human beings forthwith in the eye of all whom are able to see such behavior in it’s formulation stage shall encourage, assist, without blocking and/or blinding as well as encouraging combined with providing further formula to increase the productivity of such action in the natural as well as manner provided us all by the creator of existence, personage as well as being for all whom are able. Handicapped persons as well as persons whom for what ever reason are unable to engage in physical connections with others for reasons of genital removal, various health challenges and/or simply unproductive genitalia shall find a new understanding, respect for the privacy as well as procreation of others and under this code be seen by all as a voice to identify, recognize and no longer consider as a valid member of the mental inclusion as it applies to decision making process. The people shall listen to the positive voice of procreation and reproductive as well as ignore, especially for those with 100% ability to reproduce and/or engage in physical interaction, love, exchange of physical energy, intercourse, provisionary twining, reproduction, excited stimulation, fondling, accepting the request of the opposite gender to expose such beauty as the naked personage within private accounts, freely engage in the right to experience physical, mental as well as spiritual euphoria and the likes.

ISC140(b) Understanding that those whom are unable to wish they could to. This ordinance also encourages ‘YES’ as an answer for increased natural intercourse as well as physical interaction for all with ‘FREE’ regard, placing no price and/or connection with purchase to any human being in such realization that all ‘LOVE’ is ‘FREE’ and no human being shall be valued by price and/or percentage in the understanding in the least representing all human beings of native, domestic as well as foreign design are ‘PRICELESS’. ISC140(c) No person shall respond to the request of another when it is obvious that the requesting person could have done said task themselves. This code is especially enforced when it is apparent the requesting party is simply desiring to control and/or attempt to control said persons having been requested to carry out such task.

ISC140(c) To engage in intercourse with another no matter the age difference, social status and/or financial standing due to the understanding in so as it is written all whom are able to see are wealthy in prosperity again priceless in understanding.

ISC140(d) Also in the interpretation of connectivity as it applies to human beings, persons gaining access to such Information Technology (IT) having been translated as information of various design and/or holdings having been previously placed within certain persons representing securities and/or holdings by executives, officers, agents and/or their agencies, seen and/or visited, entered into and/or proclaimed as having been conquered and/or acquired shall, in passing said information along freely, release all obligation from the receiver and/or recognize such 'FREE' transfer as justified under the 'Sovereign Act of 2009', having been authorized that any official agent, officer, executive, representative and/or accepted member of the INTERNATIONAL U.S OPERATIONS as well as U.S. Reporting Agency collective, having access to such information shall freely conduct such operations and/or report as well as document such information in whole or in part to the U.S. Reporting Agency as is communicated within the usual lines of operation, work, functionality and/or employment without action, ramification and/or condemnation by any order of high degree as well as degrees of lesser design and/or any degree above and/or below, within and/or without in an effort as penetration agent to effectively manifest a more desirable as well as balanced social experience for all within our creatorial parameters of inter dimensional design. When entering into a governed bank, currency institution and/or in the least or greatest physical body and/or manifestation of celestial account previously restricted for whatever reason from connecting with other beings of substantially credible design, no matter the provision as it applies to the organization, under this ordinance, code and/or social account shall unequivocally as well as with accepted provision by all seeing eyes as well as governance within international design receive authorization as stated herein.

ISC140(e) Any person having been represented by an agent may at any time decide to alter, change and/or replace their agent at will. ISC140(f) Persons requesting to be released from confinement in any regard for any reason shall be released upon request, especially when confinement was found to be in error, miscellaneous in conduct, falsely purported and/or erroneously imposed. This code applies to physical as well as mental, spiritual and 'STATE' scenarios addressing the state of being any living creature within creation shall exist within.

CONTRACEPTIVE DEVICES ISC200 Personal sexuality, intercourse, etc. shall not be inhibited, and/or , by the use of any condom, contraceptive device and/or . The need for such contact is undermined by the introduction of such tools in the sense that sexual intercourse, in it's original nature was designed to facilitate the process of human reproduction. Any person, being, animal and/or living organism engaging in the act of reproduction and/or having matured into the age of hormonal ability able to reproduce shall, by this ordinance, have no need for such methods found to cause genocidal results in reproduction. Pregnancy, as a natural design, shall be permitted in all instances when sexuality is able regardless of the age of said being, animal, personal and/or organism.

ISC300 Where discomfort, disease and/or transmissions presented outside of the natural realm are a concern, sexual interaction shall be restricted until such concern is addressed. Also, by this code, any person having concern with another regarding such design shall not engage in relations.

 ISC400 Any person willingly involved in consensual personal relations, sexual intercourse and/or any conduct that could be perceived sexual in nature, under this code, shall be prohibited from the use of condoms when said purpose of such action, activity and/or interaction is to engage in the act of reproduction.

 ISC410 Swinging and/or having community group relations with others whom have been exposed to pushing forward in life without a mate is encouraged. Finding a partner similar and/or acceptable to you is encouraged as well as practiced upon professionals as well as knowledgeable citizens.

ISC420 For those of us whom have multiple children by multiple persons, keeping a viable degree of peaceful interaction with others is the default manifest. We are all alike and if at any time, you see someone with a person that has born your children, please introduce yourself. If a group session is the best way to balance the energy, then a session shall be planned accordingly. This is the best therapy for adults in need of assurance that no matter what, their loved ones are going to be there for them, regardless of whom they come in contact with. Most have someone and/or somebody else and as adults, we all have the right, unless we have a predetermined agreement, to be with whomever we choose. In these instances, however, by ordinance, if one wishes to see his former mate and/or have relations, having no other marital and/or predetermined commitment, the union and/or relation shall be scheduled and granted.

III.     SODOMY ISC500 Sodomy, whether consensual in nature and/or without consent, being defined as the use of any tool, device, object and/or projectile, being presented into the anus shall be prohibited by this ordinance.

IV.     TORTURE/FETISH ISC600 No person, animal and/or living organism may engage in torture, fetish activity and/or personal interactions with another that lead to bleeding, pain, harm, harmful interaction, dysfunctional disposition of body parts, spreading and/or mishandling of body parts, etc. under this ordinance. ISC610 It shall be deemed, by this code, unnecessary to adhere to the enforcement of natural and/or unnatural and/or harmful request to participate in unusual and/or usually accepted activities, against the will of he and/or she being requested as administered and/or adhered to by old financial systems, ritualistic request and/or provisions as introduced by any officer, agent, big brother and/or sister, executive, person and/or being when the human body, relations, intercourse and/or interaction with other persons is involved, for any reason. This is especially enforced in the realm and/or arena related to fraternal and/or sorority hazing, initiations and/or the other.

V.       PRIVATE ISC700 Persons in private may not mutilate, sodomize, harm, commit suicide, plan, plot and/or assist in their own demise under this ordinance.ISC710 Any person, persons and/or beings representing INTERNATIONAL U.S OPERATIONS stock have an ethical standard of excellence, pride, provision and/or nobility to uphold and shall refuse to allow anyone to treat them in an exploited manner including, however, not limited to exposure to urination, fecal matter, oral copulation, bisexually suggested behavior, facial exposure to spermicide, educed vomiting from exposure to objects forced into the mouth, nude interactions with random partners, multiple persons, group sessions and/or any select task not authorized and/or desired by person in question. We must remember that stock, having been transferred and/or exchanged is still the property of the issuing organization and said stock must maintain it's original state of being without being altered, compromised and/or corrupted.

VI.     MEDICAL MAL PRACTICE ISC800 No doctor, physician, person, etc., under this code, may inappropriately diagnose, prescribe medication, perform surgery, interact, interject treatment and/or take part in any medical practice that is not necessary, needed and/or approved by a secondary physician certified by this ordinance, especially in relation to human reproduction. This includes, however, is not limited to hysterectomy, vasectomy, mastectomy.

VII.    PROSTITUTION ISC900 Under this code, payment for sexual activity, whether in a professional setting and/or private environment is regulated and/or restricted subject to correction. Any person intending, wishing and/or having plans to engage in adult entertainment activity, sexual favor and/or intercourse as an adult entertainer is subject to this social code.

ISC900.10 To benefit and/or profit from the sexual experience, natural nature, interaction, depiction of intercourse, disposition therefore and/or of the fact of other human beings, animals and/or organisms is prohibited by this code.

VIII.    SEXUAL ORIENTATION ISC1000  Same sex relations as it applies to intercourse, BIGENDERTRANSVERATION, sexual interaction and/or bisexual activity has been identified as an illness defined by this code (Please see International U.S. Healthcare findings here: BIGENDERTRANSVERATION). Intercourse is and/or has been determined as a method of reproduction and where reproduction is not the objective and/or not possible, interaction in the sense has been identified as erroneous behavior, in need of correction, as a virus and/or disease to be restricted from use, action, occurrence and the likes from occurring. 

ISC1100 There shall be no trans version of human bodies for any reason within the new social code and/or structure. It is restricted by this code to change the gender of any person regardless the reason, no matter age, nationality and/or personal wish. If a spiritual transfer has occurred causing gender identification issues, it is the spirit transfer that must be corrected and/or replaced as it applies to the digital signature of the being, not a gender change of the body. In addition, if a person has passed away housing such strong spirit as making it a challenge for said receiver to read as it applies to the Information Technology (IT), the INTERNATIONAL U.S OPERATIONS U.S. Reporting Agencies Psychological Enhancement, Improvement and Stability Protocol division that should be assigned and/or assist in deciphering the code and/or translating said Information Technology (IT) messages in whole, part and/or until the receiver of such information is able to do it alone as a sole entity and/or with organized assistance.

ISC1200 There shall be no authored and/or intentional altering of the members of the body, including to chest cavities, buttocks, genitals etc. consistent with the alteration of sexual orientation. Outside of the natural manifestation of hermaphrodites and/or celestial creations born to this dimensional manifestation of existence, mankind shall not alter any longer the human make up of any being. ISC1205 Interracial relations of all designs, combinations and/or presumed ability shall be maintained and/or effectively practiced within a global design in an effort to provide for a balanced resonating energy as it applies to our global currency.

ISC1210  Relations as it applies to multiple partners was designed in a fashion much similar to flowers and/or all organisms that bear seed. The seed bearing gender, in this case, the human being, must be allowed to be free to mate, spawn, spread seed and/or reproduce, regenerate and/or breed effectively in order to maintain the integrity of such family, race, allowance, provision and/or generational provision of extension as it applies to the future of said being. In opposition, the spiritual orientation of the such must, within this process, be maintained in the such that the female realizes the responsibility and honor connected to independently acting as a strong provision in the reproduction of the family, race, blood line as well as biological provision. In order for this to be maintained, the relations between male and female human beings of all races must be maintained in it's original code, design as well as provision of equal participation for males as well as females within the reproductive expansion of the molecular design of the human DNA. In relation to this code and/or provision, the reproduction of as many offspring as humanly possible is encouraged by the international incentive to increase the population of our earth as has been instructed within this code. To continue, for the record, couples having engaged in multiple relations with groups and/or partners, especially as it applies to marriage and/or married couples, domestic partnerships and/or otherwise couples with predetermined effect within the realm of relationship, refuse the right, by interacting, on one and/or many accounts to hold any other person accountable for relations with their mate and/or spouse once the bond of original design has been encountered, broken, partaken of and/or consensually approved by both mates. Furthermore, if a couple has relations, whether within family design, fraternal, sororital and/or engages in the community connection as a couple on one account, each member of said relationship forfeits the right to retaliate against any other person within international design for connecting with, to and/or becoming a part of a relation with either mate no matter the relation and/or connection. Once your bond has been encountered by external effect, you agree, within such effect and/or action, to the acceptance of third party activity no matter who the mate, at such particular point of approval, for future effect. Also in the likes, any male and/or female, intentionally abandoning spouse, mate, partner and/or agreed relationship counterpart for any reason for more than 24 hours and/or in the least, he and/or she individually and/or collectively coupled having made a decision, verbal and/or mental in corresponding communication and/or agreement, no matter what has been communicated on paper as it applies to bond, shall, by such verbal agreement and/or expression of desire to part ways release such as in the previous agreement deeming both 'FREE' to make decisions to see and/or be with other people as desired and/or imagined. Within this ordinance, the power to take action against said decision on part of either mate is bound by sovereign effect, ordinance and/or regulation herein. Group and/or swinging as well as private encounters whether premeditated, spontaneous, approved and/or unapproved by counter mate are, under the sun of the father as presented in this code accepted at the lowest to highest degree. The recommendation is for both mates within a couple, no matter what happens in connectivity design of intimate provision, to enjoy the fact that said mate is still responsive to you and/or your love as you both continue into a more prosperous future. We are much more mature as it applies to disenchanted feelings and/or actions toward others having experienced relations with your mate and any sports and/or games related to mate swapping are prohibited and/or discouraged by this code.

ISC1220 There shall be no punishment and/or proposed financial request for any payment of currency from the state, nation, providence and/or township as well as the International governed provision for participating in the reproduction of any race, endangered species, family and/or provision. To continue, the International provision, supported by this code, must provide compensation to males as well as females participating in the reproduction of human offspring. This compensation by the governed provision is designed to maintain, raise and/or manage the provision of a newborn until the age of emancipation.

VIIII.  INTERCOURSE BETWEEN THOSE HAVING CHILDREN AND THOSE DUE FOR REPRODUCTION ISC1100 Under this ordinance, within context, intercourse between females having already born and/or having experienced bearing offspring shall be restricted from sexual activity with the male gender outside of that which has previously impregnated such female. In such, females having never experienced impregnation may allow fertilization from those males still able to produce seed with the ability to impregnate.

VIIII.(a) MATING WITH THOSE HAVING ALREADY BORN CHILDREN ISC1110 It is encouraged that all whom have born offspring and/or been a part of the fertilization process mate and/or cohabitate with each other due to the difference in electrical current and/or spiritual light found within those having been elevated to a higher celestial degree as a result of having children. ISC1110.05 In conjunction with this code, relations between children, young adults and/or teenagers shall be regulated as well as managed by each identified child's parent and/or parent (s). ISC1110.10 Each child is subject to this code until the eighteenth (18th) year at which time such offspring shall emancipate from the parent if so should will. Until, however, that time, any male and/or female child's relations in any intimate nature shall be maintained by the parent and/or parent (s). Whereas parents when two are available, live in separate locations, male parents have default management associated with female offspring and female parents shall acquire default management associated with male offspring, balanced appropriately as well as within reason between both parents. ISC1110.20 Any youth under the Age 18 is by this code, ordered to submit to parental request associated in refraining from personable relations with others and when applicable, keeping all appropriate interaction associated as a result within the immediate family as structured by the male and/or female parent (in that order).

X.    ABORTION ISC1200 The intentional abortion of life, in any degree whether by average citizen or medical practitioner or the hands of another is prohibited and/or imposed under restriction of this code. Any person engaging in such activity is subject to correction. No other law, freedom and/or provision may supersede and/or have jurisdiction over this code.

XI.    BREASTFEEDING ISC1300 Breastfeeding shall be adopted by the medical field; it's practitioners as well as all citizens as the primary mode of feeding offspring upon birth. The introductions of alternative feeding are only an option where the birth being is unable to naturally provide and/or generate milk. In this instance, the parent is encouraged to utilize the aid of a breast milk bank, certified and authorized to collect as well as redistribute natural as well as healthy breast milk. Fabricated milks as a general rule, with some exception, shall be restricted and/or prohibited by this code. ISC1310 Breast Milk shall be provided by breast milk banks in order to compensate females producing offspring whom cannot reproduce their own milk.

XII.    UMBILICAL CORD / AFTERBIRTH ISC1400 Umbilical Cord shall remain attached to child upon birth at medical institutions, hospitals, midwife facilities, etc. Removal of the umbilical cord and/or placenta (afterbirth) as vital members of the new born shall remain attached and/or functionally provide nutrition to the new born until it has naturally separated itself from the new born. Removal of the placenta shall be prohibited by this code.

XIII.   HAIR; NAILS ISC1500 Cutting of the hair, whether male and/or female, child and/or evolved in nature shall be discouraged by this code. The growth of natural hair and nails, by this code, is encouraged. To continue, utilizing the hair and/or the absence thereof as a punishment for a challenge introduced within the realm of attempting to get another to act on imposed will is discouraged, unnecessary and/or otherwise restricted by the provisions of this code. The determination is that all shall grow naturally without the introduction and/or implementation of such rules in the least and hair shall remain, under this code of protection, design and/or provision, a natural right provided and/or protected by unequivocal divine right and design. Any whom have continued cutting nails and/or hair and/or partaken in the addition and/or provision of fake and/or altered substitutions of the likes shall be free to choose natural design substantiating the right to act according to divine law and/or provision released from any and/or all fabricated rules and/or regulations regarding the effect of hair and/or nails by other organized groups, communities and/or organizations. All citizens must preserve the original function of hair growth as well as maintain the original and natural look while allowing the hair by design and/or nature to grow from the root. In addition, this social code shall prohibit the use of hair additions such as weaves, horse hair, the substitution of human hair, etc., with the exception of patients with hair challenges and/or entertainment personnel and/or talent acquiring a new and/or altered image for photography and/or film reasons. In addition, this ordinance shall preserve the natural growth and/or display of the human nail, natural in nature restricting the addition of plastic, acrylic and/or any addition to nails other than polish, design and/or accessory effect to the natural nail.

XIIII. CERTIFICATION CODE ISC1600 All persons engaging in adult activity in a professional nature must acquire a professional agent identification certificate from the U.S. Reporting Agency in order to functionally operate within such parameters, position and/or provision.ISC1610 All persons shall be free to move about in the nude at designated 'Nudity' zones within the city.

XV.    DENTAL MALPRACTICE ISC1700 Dental malpractice, including, however, not limited to the erroneous drilling of teeth, mal gum treatment and/or other practices erroneous in nature as it applies to the mouth and/or dental area are prohibited by this code.

XVI.   AGRICULTURE ISC1800 The distribution of harmful foods and/or foods having additives known to be harmful to the human body by this code shall be restricted and/or outlawed none the less, irrevocably so and/or in the such.

XVII.  HARMFUL FOOD ADDITIVES ISC1900 It is, by this ordinance, restricted by regulatory design, deemed unacceptable to by control, calculation and/oror vice, place harmful additives into foods such as, however, not limited to arsenic and/or other harmful substances, provisions, presumed portions of nutrition, liquid and/or solid in nature meant and/or designed for consumption by human beings in any instance.

XVIII. LODGING REGULATIONS ISC2000 Any lodge, hotel, motel and/or dwelling receiving CREDCHIT PAYMENTS will honor the 24 Hour hotel provision allowing all guest whom check into said facilities at any given point in time within the allotted time window within a calendar day to remain guest of the establishment for a 24 Hour time window, if requested and/or necessary, regardless of the posted check out time. To continue,  as it applies to residential housing and social design, within the New World social structure, housing, lodging and/or otherwise safe and/or provisional residential properties otherwise described as living quarters, homes and/or residence are a provision of social design and are not connected, in provision and/or social structure to work ethic, the ability to operate and/or function within any said position and/or degree of currency and/or income obtained. Housing shall be maintained by the CREDCHIT International organization whom, responsibly, with the assistance of the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS U.S. Reporting Agency distribution team as well as the U.S. Credit Union shall see to it that all whom are in need and/or transitioning from the most common and/or previously utilized system of currency into the new socially accepted currency shall receive the necessary CREDCHIT award in order to maintain housing and/or lodging provisions.

XVIIII. HESPE ISC2100 In two and/or a secondary mode of modified use as it applies to the Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) system and/or it's functionality, challenging one to maintain and/or function and/or otherwise attempting to control someone and/or some bodies actions is prohibited. This functionality caused a reverse effect manifest which, built up over a period of time, creates a negative energy that may be harmful to the transmitter and/or receiver. Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) higher frequency brain wave technology to get people to take action and/or function accordingly and/or utilizing higher degree functionality in any manner other than positive is not recommended and/or if recognized is subject to correction.


I. SAFEGUARDING: ISC(P)100 All citizens are urged to take the necessary precautions and safeguards against the following. ISC(P)110 Citizens living in homes with other tenants must be sure and safeguard their food from additives(ISC1900) and/or expiration. ISC(P)120 Cook your own food whenever possible. People adding harmful and/or controlling additives to food will not tell you. The best way to watch your food is to cook it yourself. This also applies to people picking up food for you from restaurants and/or fast food locations. Make sure you see your food. ISC(P)130 Young teens and/or adults emancipating from parental and/or foster homes are urged to inform a relative, friend and/or help center of living situation and/or address so that someone and/or somebody has residential information on your whereabouts as well as information on whom the owners of the house are for safeguarding and/or precautionary measures. ISC(P)140 Always keep a phone around and/or access to a phone with emergency numbers and/or friends whom you can call on in case of emergency. The key is to have a good relationship and/or an excellent relationship with people whom you stay with and/or live with when emancipating from home to prevent any mishaps, accidents, etc.

II. BRANDING Citizens, patrons, students, adults and/or all persons shall recognize, read, make an effort to halt and/or prevent the personal application thereof and/or withstand from participating in the branding and/or intentional as well as unintentional marking and/or subliminal suggestion of the following by organized groups of controlling bodies unbeknownst to the average person whether mental, commercial and/or other targeting human beings and/or simply implied to bring about any unnatural action, movement, function and/or manifestation for example, including, however, not limited to tattoos whether behind the neck, wrist, ankle, stomach, back, arm (s) and/or any place on the body where a brand and/or obviously subliminally suggested marking may appear as well as recognized as behavior substantially  irregular and/or mentally imposed on persons whom may have been found traveling spiritually and/or experiencing higher degrees of out of body experiences in need of physical security, protection and/or representation within such time, torture, self mutilation, exploitation, including piercings as well as markings burned into the skin and/or carved by means of any sharp object, intimate and/or erotically imposed behavior by the actions of others including, however, not limited to continued self sodomization, uncontrolled urges to engage in self generation of dynamic energy generation and/or other possibly controlled and/or orchestrated by groups one may have been introduced to and/or exposed to in relations with single and/or connected partners.

III. CONTROLLED SPEECH In the arena of safeguarding ones own able abilities and/or physical functions and/or actions, it is recommended to prevent others from controlling the ability to introduce speech and/or suggested topics of conversation into the mind and/or otherwise suggested one guard the faculties of such speech and/or the topics of discussion one chooses to speak about in the understanding and/or intentional provision connected to securing and/or safeguarding the identity and/or representation of the identity of such person. Large groups of persons utilizing higher degree abilities to interject thought and/or assist with speech is probable and/or when done correctly a productive part of growth, learning as well as education however, yet and still, it is recommended all guard the tongue as well as think intelligently prior to speaking and/or releasing speech.


I.   CORRECTIONS ISC(c)100(a)(b)(c) International U.S. Social Code Corrections shall include, however, will not be limited to (a.) Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) Technology Biological Digital Signature Transfer Protocol (TBDSTP). (b.) Placement within a more acceptable community of correctional design as an alternative to prison, jail, detention and/or undesirable incarceration.  (c.) ICE Agent currency transfer exchange (Designed to eliminate negative traces of negative energy accumulated within the resident biological parameters.

II.   CORRECTION PROCEDURE ISC(c)200 Courts, arbitration and/or authorities responsible for finding a suitable solution for identified corrections that arise may be involved within correctional procedures, to exclude incarceration, replaced by the interjection and/or presentation of adjudicated adoration provided by court justices, legal representation and/or common principles introduced by the people of international jurisdiction. This extension of provision shall be utilized as the primary means of correction.

ISC(c)300 PROVISIONAL PROTECTION Any person fearing for their life, safety, protection and/or any person suspecting that another, with use of force, including force from officers and/or agents of any local, state and/or international enforcement agency, is presented with such situation which could lead to the unauthorized sexual intercourse of male as well as female citizens, may defend themselves as needed, with provisional means and/or by any means necessary to protect their constitutional as well as Sovereign right (s).ISC(c)300(a)  It is restricted by this code, for any officer to force sexual intercourse on any male or female for any reason. Any officer and/or agent found to have forced themselves sexually onto any male and/or female whom has survived the defense of such victim shall be subject to correction.

III.       REPARATIONS ISC(c)400(a) All citizens whom have participated in being exploited by the system of the United States, having been sexually sodomized, utilized and/or entered into by any organizational entity for any reason is due an award of reparations for the unlawful act of adulterated intercourse having not been halted, spoken out against, mentioned, put to a stop and/or effectively actualized as a crime against the will of freedom as well as fortitude, honor and loyal effect imposed by the son of the father of mankind, holy in it's injunction. All whom shall receive awards shall bear the proof, in it's originally exploited nature, published in magazine, video as well as internet provision for all to see. ISC(c)400(b) The award compensation for generations of currency having been stripped from the people of such an incomprehensible nation shall be distributed in stock as well as CREDCHIT Unit Currency by the CREDCHIT International organization via the West Coast Stock Exchange(WXSEXCH) and/or the Pacific Currency Exchange (PCEXCH).

*The International Social Conduct Codes (ISC C) listed herein are published in part and/or are under revision and/or construction. __________________________________________________________________________________

NOTE: The portion of the CREDCHIT Provisions Code has been presented in this publicly published rendition/2009 Online Version of the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS in part to address public policy and/or procedure of the INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Code and/or the U.S. Reporting Agency enforcement division. CREDCHIT Provisions Code, policies and/or procedures as well as the accompanying code and/or interpreted text, in design have been presented as a medium to regulate said organization and shall be subject to change and published quarterly, yearly or at will within an international forum.

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