A.    As the method of distribution, operability, financial exchange, bartering and/or presentation of legal tender of our international currency increase in provision, organizational operation, accepted transfer of said currency as it relates to changing hands of service, goods, purchase power and all other forms of exchange performed under the power of currency, CREDCHIT International, comprised of global leaders in currency organized within the financial regulatory state as well as international governed bodies at will, continues to provide the solution's most applicable to the most effective as well as established currency transfer solutions in the history of our international design.

B.    CREDCHIT credit systems provide a uniform method of exchange without the hassle of paper dollar bills, plastic credit cards and/or finance charge's, payments due, monthly recurring expenses and third party lenders, collection agencies and legal design. CREDCHIT International provides a new era of currency exchange free from regulatory agencies as well as federal restrictions allowing you, in the 'New World', to be able to regulate your own spending, currency exchange, bartering and/or release of finances for personal and/or business purpose.


 1.  CREDCHIT currency value has been recognized as the most powerful form of currency found within the scientific table of energy as well as currency between beings to date. The most common form of currency is the dollar bill also known as a bank note. This is the most common form of circulating currency found within the nations, countries and principalities of our world and/or distributed by former currency exchange systems.  Currency, acquired by utilized and/or transferred by former and/or current banking institutions have been generated utilizing a secondary form of energy derived from the reverse conversion rate of energy, currency and/or otherwise referred to as force, liveliness and/or dynamism. We have witnessed, since September 2008 the phasing out of old systems by former banking institutions whom were bound to the former mode of generating such banking deliverance by withdrawing such dynamism from citizens, patrons as well as beings in an effort to create an effective power system able to produce the effective ability to control the power utilized by mass population in order to acquire an objective and/or get things done.

2.   CREDCHIT power, value, vitality, force, energy and/or vitalic dynamism has been meticulously developed after nearly 200 or more years of ingenuity, development, scientific research, philanthropic design and provision as a power three times more significant than any other currency utilized by former world powers. CREDCHIT International, generating global relationships with world governed bodies, 360's of intellectually conceptual alliances as well as an assurance provided by the preclusion of anything less than futuristic in design, we are able to benefit from foreshadowed technology, power and able energy in the 'future' of yesterday presented, represented and experienced as the now of today.

3.    The CREDCHIT dynamism generated, maintained and/or managed within our stock has proven to outlast former secondary power systems. This has been achieved by grasping hold to primary principles of nature, life, force, ability and able effect in a manner that restores the vigor, strength, tenacity and/or natural realm of existence for all. This supernatural force, power, energy and/or otherwise accepted currency has doubled and in some cased tripled the value of previous currency replacing the stock conversion table with a more significant and able international power. CREDCHIT International, having recently agreed to allow the International U.S. Operations collective distribute such incredible power, revealed that the process has already started, distributing much needed currency, since 2003 to Federal as well as International entities in need of vital life force reinforcement.

4.    The clandestine operation to restore U.S. executives, officers, agents as well as pre determined as well as accepted governed bodies has proved to be the most effective step pushing forward in the plan to initiate a better day within a 'NEW WORLD' of peace, happiness, wealth, prosperity and provision. U.S. Reporting Agency distribution agents, covered in secondary forms of energy, currency and/or spiritual light have performed much needed currency upgrades to necessary and/or requested functional systems, networks as well as beings in need of a higher degree of current to begin, continue and/or design functional operations systems for local, state, national as well as international provision.

5.    CREDCHIT currency has replaced the currency utilized to operate, drive and/or functionally provide strength and/or liveliness to workers, employees as well as operational teams functioning within an international capacity. $5,000,000,000,000.00 in CREDCHIT currency has been allocated to international upgrades since the 2001 world trade center tragedy spanning, none the less, to external global effect within even the realm of technology covering space stations such as the Mir and/or International Space Stations (ISS) whose functionality is vital to the operability of global design. The CREDCHIT conversion process is simply the primary step necessary to document what has already occurred while pushing forward into a future of currency provision claiming rights to native currency exchange mechanisms exploited and/or placed in danger by former federal systems as well as rights to replacing stock currency internationally with a more vital design. Stock value and/or currency exchanged between organizations representing citizens, persons and/or living beings that are represented in stock value Trillions of dollars in stock value are presumed to have been effected and/or projected to be affected by the CREDCHIT International currency value conversion process.

D.    With an energy more significant in nature than even nuclear design, having the power to see an objective, prevent, reverse and/or ultimately exercise benevolent power over all other fabricated and/or design powers is CREDCHIT Credit value, power and/or vital energy at use.


A.    CREDCHIT International currency systems utilize a wireless payment system providing freedom to make purchases without the presentation or exchange of a bank note. The CREDCHIT system and/or systems similar to the CREDCHIT operability and/or functional system (s) have been used by Millionaires and Billionaires for years and is now being introduced to a more broad audience in an effort to provide those whom have generated a wealth of currency to utilize and/or have access to what belongs to them. As a valued citizen, client and/or person of ethical design, the fact that you have made it to this site is confirmation that you, personally,  are currently being introduced to this system, how it works and have been chosen to benefit from a system that only the wealthy have been able to access.

Example of a CREDCHIT systems recognition purchase.

Ex:    Bill Gates, world renown  Multi Billionaire, walks into a Mercedes Benz Dealership and requires possession of a brand new S600 Mercedes Benz, fully featured with all the perks. The total sale value of the vehicle is finalized at $137,000.00. Mr. Bill gates, recognized as having Billions in value is asked to sign the purchase order, is handed the key and leaves the dealership in his brand new S600 Mercedes. The value of recognition within the CREDCHIT system provision has told the sales team that Mr. Gates has enough currency to finalize this purchase. Once the purchase is complete, the purchase order is sent to Mr. Bill Gates CREDCHIT system representative whom transfers the appropriate amount of CREDCHIT currency value to the executive office of the Mercedes Benz dealership. The purchase order has been accepted by signature at the dealership, the vehicle has been released, the purchase order is then sent to the executive headquarters for currency exchange completion and received in full CREDCHIT value by Mercedes Benz as a transfer from Mr. Bill Gates authorized CREDCHIT representative.

B.    The implementation as well as introduction of an international currency solution free from restriction providing, ultimately, a limitless degree of financial choice is attractive as well as permissible for the rapidly growing technologically advanced society that our world has evolved into. For those of us whom have increased our value and/or self worth, currency provision and/or transferrable design, the CREDCHIT International currency payment exchange system is presented as the viable solution of choice.

C.    The CREDCHIT credit payment systems currency exchange value within it's international design is transferred, exchanged, recognized as well as managed by several institutions. The U.S. Federal World Savings Financial institution as well as the U.S. Credit Union are two examples of financially secure entities whom dedicate professional services to valuing CREDCHIT International currency, the clients whom utilize the benefit as well as our global economy that is relieved as a result of the implementation of such a productive system.

D.    CREDCHIT International is currently in the process of distributing $1,000,000,000,000.00 (1 Trillion) dollars in currency value to world institutions such as Citibank, U.S. Bank, the World bank and more. Each institution will receive up to $1,000,000,000.00(1 Billion) dollars in CREDCHIT currency, exchanged utilizing the 'NEW' CREDCHIT International currency exchange system. This new currency exchange system is effectively similar to the current international exchange systems such as SWIFT utilizing IBAN combination codes, etc. and is currently in the final stages of conversion so that the CREDCHIT International currency exchange system will correspond and/or effectively manage wireless international currency transfers, separate, however recognized by SWIFT, the FDIC, SEC and other international financial exchange organizations just as easily as conventional currency exchange systems being used by other financial institutions and banks. In an effort to include all possible entities in this incredible revolutionary currency exchange system while simultaneously providing choice as well as valuable partner relations opportunities to you, your constituents, family, friends, business, organization (s) as well as other clients utilizing the CREDCHIT International currency exchange system and those of us whom have deposited large amounts of currency into this highly effective international design, we have extended the list beyond that of it's original design. For a more complete list of financial institutions receiving international CREDCHIT credit systems finance packages, CLICK HERE.

E.    Contact your CREDCHIT representative today in order to acquire your CREDCHIT International Access Code (IAC). In addition, the CREDCHIT representative will provide you the correct financial institution information regarding where your CREDCHIT records as well as managed transactions history are and/or will be maintained.

MANUAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND/OR TRANSFER PROTOCOL:  In the absence of electronic Point of Sale (POS), data, currency and/or encryption transfer systems, equipment and/or computers including, however, not limited to the hardware associated with such device (s), the exchange of currency shall be accepted within reasonable compliance with the Manual Currency Exchange Protocol (MCEP).  The Manual Currency Exchange Protocol (MCEP) procedure shall include, as it applies currency of various nature, the presentation of currency exchanged between governed bodies stated at said value, witnessed and/or conducted by a lawyer, judge, International U.S. Operations Executive, U.S. Credit Union and/or U.S. Reporting Agency Agent, Officer and/or officially appointed representative. Said transfer in such raw nature and/or effect shall be documented in the form of Stock Currency Exchange and/or Transfer form on the official Stock and/or Transfer notification certificate issued by CREDCHIT International, the International U.S. Operations organization and/or the U.S. Federal World Savings and/or appointed Financial Institutions as stated herein. See AUTHORIZED CREDCHIT DISTRIBUTIONS AGENTS.  Such certificate shall be recognized as valid by any and/or all international financial institutions as well as verifiable by CREDCHIT International as well as U.S. Credit Union and/or U.S. Reporting Agency  Senior Executives, appointed Officers and/or Agents as well as Accounts Executives (AE) and/or authorized Verification of Deposit (VOD) representatives. To continue, each transfer and/or exchange shall be issued a verifiable CREDCHIT International Authorization number Issued by the CREDCHIT International Organization organization to each perspective  AUTHORIZED CREDCHIT DISTRIBUTIONS AGENT. Each transaction shall be maintained within the perspective financial institutions records as well as communicated to the CREDCHIT International organization's global database. Furthermore, said transfer may also benefit from the combination of manual currency collection by governed bodies in the primary state, carried and/or transported to the transfer location and transferred and/or exchanged manually with the assistance of computer technology as it relates to internal and/or external organizational high frequency currency exchange techniques administered by trained as well as authorized CREDCHIT agents followed by documentation of such exchange as it relates to said Manual Currency Exchange Protocol (MCEP). Said documentation shall identify each perspective transfer as well as  provide to receiving institutions, persons and/or organizations the necessary as well as authorized data regarding each transfer.

MANUAL TRANSFER CONVERSION: Manual transfer conversion addresses the transfer and/or exchange of currency as it applies to the recognition of currency value by electronic Point of Sale (POS) and/or conventional transfer/exchange device (s). After each manual transfer has been completed, transfer documentation stating transfer value, authorization number, receiving as well as sending persons of interest and/or institutions in question shall, by authorized financial institution personnel, be entered into the securities, assets, accounts and/or savings database. The Manual Transfer Conversion (MTC) shall provide the financial institution and/or receiving transfer organization all the information necessary to update the financial institution accounts database during the account (s) entry process. Each individual financial institution is responsible internal records keeping protocol. In addition, each internal protocol shall include account access, credit and/or debit access as well as online and/or statement account access.

EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL: CREDCHIT International, it's partners, affiliates and/or departments as well as divisions are created as equal rights entities extending equal CREDCHIT Credit awards, provisions, etc. to all regardless of race, color, creed, age, nationality, gender, etc. The CREDCHIT International system is designed to bring a more balanced currency experience to all whom participate in our programs as provided herein.

NOTE: The CREDCHIT International currency exchange system as well as it's partners and/or affiliates are separate entities in nature from the F.D.I.C., SEC, SWIFT and/or other regulatory commissions, departments, divisions and/or organizations most commonly connected and/or associated with the financial, banking and/or former currency systems. The CREDCHIT International currency exchange system as well as it's treasury are independent in nature and under the 'Native Currency Regulatory Act' of 2009, not subject to Federal regulations


A.    CREDCHIT credit system regulations manage assets prospectively as applied to international currency as a medium of balance for all exchange systems.

B.    CREDCHIT credit shall provide as a global method of exchange accepted within each country prospectively, exchanged at a rate consistent with the International U.S. Operations regulations NWO Code 108.00 and Title 3 of the IUSO Regulations Commission Exchange Provision 'Native Currency Regulatory Act',  a medium of exchange regulated by the U.S. Reporting Agency INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE BOARD (IEB).

C.    The CREDCHIT credit systems device, account, wireless actuation system, binary, singular, multiple and/or complex systems are regulated by the International U.S. Operations Regulations Exchange Commission .

D.     1. EMERGENCY CREDCHIT AWARD At this time, executives of the International U.S. Operations board are the only authorized bodies to distribute and/or award CREDCHIT. The EMERGENCY CREDCHIT AWARD may be distributed, as has been, in highly encrypted technologically advanced and/or biologically preferred manner with no form of documentation necessary to be recognized by those whom can see the system working and/or functionally operating

        2. This highly confidential form of currency transfer has been protected by the U.S. Reporting Agency, it's agents, officers, operatives and/or agents as the most effective form of currency transfer to date.

        3. The records of such transfers may be generated, if necessary, upon request, for the appropriate persons subject to authorized validation by the CREDCHIT International distribution board functionally operating within the U.S. Credit Union and/or U.S. Federal World Savings Financial Institution Executive Office.

        4. Any organization prompted for a purchase may receive a financial transfer authorization number from CREDCHIT International, the U.S. Credit Union and/or the U.S. Federal World Savings financial institution. Said authorizations numbers are to be recognized as paid as it applies to the purchaser. The financial institution shall have 30 days to remit transfer payment to receiving financial institution accordingly, however, shall not restrict the acquisition of such goods being purchased by purchaser from seller.

        5. With respect to local, state and/or providential law, within the line of employment, keeping things in perspective, if an agent, employee and/or otherwise authorized agent is in need of extending privileges and/or benefits without the express written consent of said organization, especially when a life and/or lives are in danger, an exception to local, state and/or providential ordinance shall be considered, addressed and provided. This ordinance shall apply to rental cars, lodging facilities and/or amenities, extended financial privileges, lease provisions whether residential and/or commercial and similar benefit extensions, especially when official business is being conducted in the line of saving a life and/or the lives of more than one, many and/or a group of persons whether official or civilian.

E.    As the primary currency provider of the International federacy of Sovereign disposition found within the global sphere, CREDCHIT International Currency Units shall be exempt from traditional sense of imposed tax by any country, providence, nation and/or united government, federally imposed provision and/or enforcement agency, previously ordained ordinance and/or decree under the Sovereign act of 2009. Furthermore, CREDCHIT regulation prohibits the imposition of such restriction by any other regulatory rule contained within and/or designed by past systems of secondary design provided to cover the Primary International Currency System (PICS) and/or it's provision as well as intended nature providing balanced and acceptable provision for all.

F.    CREDCHIT Credit Cards, devices, systems and/or units shall be distributed to selected parties and/or attached to account connected to and/or assigned to said person receiving award. Such account shall be subject to monitoring, 24 hour online access and/or corporate access via telephone, without spending restriction in accordance with CREDCHIT International regulation (s).

G.    CREDCHIT Credit shall be distributed, within reasonable provision, upon request of award, to any member of society whom, having express need and/or record of such provision.


A.    Distribution of CREDCHIT International currency value shall be done by authorized agents, for reasons included, however, not limited to the CREDCHIT Provisions Code (CPC), by officers and/or duly appointed executive officers of the U.S. Credit Union, U.S. Federal World Savings Institution and/or other authorized currency exchange institutions. The distribution shall include, however, not limited to wireless electronic data transfer, real time governed body currency exchange documented by both parties at an agreed upon currency value, authorized and/or certified by the International U.S. Operations International Currency Exchange Commission (ICE C), bank note conversion resulting in the distribution of CREDCHIT in return for bank notes and/or stock exchange (Public or Private of the acceptable nature), principle goods exchange (such as property, vehicles, land, jewels, etc.)  and/or valuable assets having an approved estimated and/or appraised value comparable to the distributed amount of CREDCHIT and/or organizational exchange between organizational groups, documented and/or duly authorized by the International Currency Exchange Commission (ICE C). The method of distribution, exchange and/or transfer is subject to addition, change and/or preclusion at any time.

B.  CREDCHIT Credit currency distribution shall occur utilizing a conventional and more common plastic credit card type of medium to address immediate need as it applies to CREDCHIT clients having access to credit value while increasing technologically advanced design coupled with increased maintained wireless infrastructure reciprocal locations will allow all to utilize the 'CREDCHIT WIRELESS PAYPASS PAYMENT' system. As this system becomes more available, the option of replacing the credit card swipe device with a more effective wireless device similar to Mobil's wireless paypass will become more acceptable to the majority of the population as it applies to merchant financial users. To continue, the future of CREDCHIT technology identifies clients by fingerprint, retina scan and/or verbal voice recognition needing no apparent device, card and/or swipe unit at all to make purchases. FACT: There are vendors today that actually utilize this technology for payment recognition. As an example, the government recognizes people al the time by eye retina and/or finger print identification. As the technologically advanced payment systems come to pass, the ATM will cease to exist and exchange procedures will not require the dollar bill any longer. The credit card even the newly introduced CREDCHIT wireless paypass payment system will become obsolete. A purchase will require you as the user to simply present yourself at the payment location and/or vendor with one push of the finger for fingerprint recognition and/or simply a 'YES' authorizing payment to a voice recognition computer having the ability in real time to recognize your voice as authorization for payment.

C.       REVOLVING CREDIT shall be regulated by CREDCHIT International, the U.S. Credit Union and/or the U.S. Federal World Savings Financial Institution whom may extend, provide, assign and/or make available to any executive, officer and/or agent as well as predetermined recipients an extended line of credit of a revolving nature. This line of credit shall be available upon request. When the predetermined amount of credit is utilized, said user may return to the issuing institution and/or notify the issuing institution whom will transfer the balance for payment while simultaneously providing an additional extended line of revolving credit equal to and/or greater than the previously acquired line of credit. The payment department shall make payment against the CREDCHIT account associated with such person initiating the request and/or extend an emergency line of credit and/or an award equal to and/or extended beyond the line of credit initially requested.   urrency shall be distributed by authorized financial institutions and shall be subject to authorized use and/or certification of U.S. Reporting Agency.


A.    Distributed CREDCHIT Credit shall extend to it's receiver for provisional use, authorized in transfer at will, by the CREDCHIT International assets management team. Receivers of CREDCHIT Credit value will also, with each transaction receive a transaction VERIFICATION AUTHORIZATION code comprised of a two digit(2) financial institution code and a 7 to 9 digits(7 for national transactions, 8 for international transactions and 9 for financial institution to financial institution currency transfers). Ex: CREDCHIT Transaction Auth#: A1-1342497 The authorization number will be utilized as well as recognized by partnering financial institutions as a documentable representation of said CREDCHIT Credit Value Transfer verified by the issuing financial institution as identified by the proceeding 2 to 4 digit code as identified on the AUTHORIZED CREDCHIT DISTRIBUTIONS AGENTS list (Please note financial codes to the left followed by financial institutions on the right).

B.    Each financial institution, upon receiving CREDCHIT distribution value shall receive 1 million authorization numbers in sequence to provide to customers prospectively. Authorization, receiver of credit as well as public and/or private information shall be documented by financial institutions and provided electronically and/or verbally to CREDCHIT International in real time for unified records keeping purposes. Financial institutions may also utilize the online reporting page on the CREDCHIT International web site for real time reporting of authorization numbers to providers and/or clients.

At the time in which any given financial system, institution, bank, union and/or collective utilized, it it's entirety all CREDCHIT credit and/or authorization numbers, said entity shall, in writing, verbal and/or electronically request addition CREDCHIT credit and/or authorization numbers.


A.    CREDCHIT International shall provide account numbers to the U.S. Federal World Savings Institutional Treasury for distribution to authorized agent institutions. Account numbers shall be 9-12 digits in length. Ex. 123456789 or 123456789101. The account numbers shall be distributed by the CREDCHIT International Organization with instruction to the U.S. Federal World Savings Institution to manage a million account numbers per institution. The records shall be re submitted to the CREDCHIT International Organization accompanied by account holder information, including contact information, account information, depository award amount as well as transaction history if that should apply.


A.    Transfer of CREDCHIT International credit value will be maintained by authorized as well as certified internal transfer agents, supervised by the International U.S. Operations International Currency Exchange commission (ICE C), provisionally documented and/or provided in acceptable design a record of currency, value and/or addition to and/or increase in account benefit and/or significance.


A.    Currency Exchange Conversion Rates shall maintain consistency with the CREDCHIT CURRENCY EXCHANGE CONVERSION TABLE maintaining supervised currency consistency presented to the international Board of Provision under the International U.S. Operations International Currency Exchange commission (ICE C). Conversion shall be subject to international expansion in relation to recognition of the CREDCHIT system by governments, new partnering financial institutions, patrons, citizens, etc.

B.    STOCK ISSUANCE FOR CURRENCY TRANSLATION INTO CREDCHIT AND MORE COMMON FORMS OF ACCEPTABLE BANK NOTES International U.S. Operations organizational stock representing the currency provisionally maintained, supervised, managed and/or otherwise owned and/or parented by the International U.S. Operations executive board, committee (s) and/or provisional representatives, agents, officers and/or provided affiliates shall be recognized in full stated, par and/or otherwise acceptable value by the CREDCHIT International foundation, institution and/or organizational entity, the U.S. Credit Union as well as the U.S. Federal World Savings financial Institution to be reconvened, transferred, translated, presented, leased and/or otherwise conveyed in an authorized redistribution of stock to those whom are able to functionally recognize the stock value of said institution and/or other country, nations, governments, etc. including the U.S. treasury whom will, in assistance as an entity and/or instrument designed to translate diverse types and/or forms of currency into a more common form of issued and/or utilizable currency to all partnering financial institutions in the form of U.S. bank notes otherwise called in name as dollar bills.

C.    Each institution accepting the stock may have requirements. For example, CREDCHIT International requires submission of stock to CREDCHIT International organization executive bodies in return for CREDCHIT Units that may be utilized for purchase and/or exchange with vendors, sellers, brokers, executives, organizations, countries and/or governed organizations that accept CREDCHIT while the U.S. Treasury may require the same as federally regulated institutions such as the S.E.C. and/or F.D.I.C., a record of account, stock issuance and the likes in an effort to record the stock value received in return for U.S. Dollar Bill provisional payment and/or award to address exchange and/or retail as well as private sales locations and/or vendors that still
have yet to recognize CREDCHIT currency.


A.    CREDCHIT Currency value distribution shall be recognized by all AUTHORIZED CREDCHIT DISTRIBUTIONS AGENTS, official CREDCHIT transfer locations, vendors authorized as CREDCHIT transfer locations, financial institutions as well as establishments accepting wireless recognition payments. The CREDCHIT system, during the 100% wireless conversion process shall issue, upon request, credit card (s) and/or CREDCHIT wireless payment devices programmed to recognize CREDCHIT value through conventional means of electronic verification. In instances in which electronic verification is not present and/or dysfunctional as it applies to verifying and/or reading the added value and/or account information within the CREDCHIT system and/or the issuing financial institution, the CREDCHIT customer, when making a purchase shall prompt vendor to verify funds by calling the financial institution and/or CREDCHIT International whom will provide an authorization code as stated within section V (Transaction Verification Authorization) of the CREDCHIT regulations provision provided herein.

B.     REPORTING: CREDCHIT International will report CREDCHIT Units distributed to the U.S. Reporting Agency whom will provide a public account of distributed credit to citizens to the perspective government in charge of governing said population.


A.    Authorized agents shall be documented and published within the AUTHORIZED CREDCHIT DISTRIBUTIONS AGENTS manifest, available for international viewing.

CREDCHIT Regulations Code is subject to the International U.S. Operations enforcement Act of 2009

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