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CREDCHIT International Credit Units Distribution system, today's most powerful credit distribution system yet, eliminates the need for the conventional exchange of coin and/or paper bank notes such as dollar bills.

As the financial industry continues to experience change, improved functionality as well as provisional international support from those of us whom have dedicated time, effort and consideration to improving the financial relations of our global currency, the CREDCHIT International Currency Units(ICU) distribution system proves itself as a viable solution to the need as well as challenge as it applies to an improved international currency system for all.

When utilizing the CREDCHIT System,  as a global family, we will all experience a turning point in financial history providing concepts in financial regard that have been more like a dream actualized to most of us.

The CREDCHIT Currency System shall provide as an answer to personal payments for all citizens of our international experience from Beverly Hills to London, Compton to Park Place, the Bronx to Tokyo, Iraq and Iran to Australia.

The system housed no prejudices to work ethic, general income generation concepts and/or more antiquated methods of currency exchange most commonly accepted by past financial practices of our world.

In addition to change within the currency arena, the introduction of the CREDCHIT International Currency Units (ICU) distribution will ultimately alter, change and/or functionally improve the manner in which people shape their lives.  Now, pushing forward into a future of 'FREEDOM' as well as prosperity, we will be able to focus on living our lives as opposed to focusing on how we are going to generate income.

This 'FREEDOM' of expression produced by introducing global citizens and/or international patrons to their Sovereign rights to possess their own currency will provide much needed creative expressions of provision as it applies to our world seeing a brighter as well as more productive day. We may now, as an international family, focus on more valuable as well as pertinent priorities such as Technological Advancements (TA) and expanding mankind into other vast regions of the cosmos.

To continue, the International Stock Exchange (ISEXCH) as well as the introduction of the West Coast Stock Exchange(WCSEXCH) and the Pacific Currency Exchange(PCEXCH)

Furthermore, the introduction of a currency system 'FREE' from greed, need, negatively imposed methods of acquisition as well as other less desirable motivations to increase financial provision shall provide every citizen of our international 'NEW WORLD' experience with that in which they dream desirable for their lives while decreasing international crime to nearly nothing as well as freeing those oppressed by the former financial system into a 'NEW WORLD' dedicated to the introduction of reparations for all!


NOTE: Each one of the above options is presented, upon approval, with a minimum CREDCHIT Credit award of c250,000 Credchit units up to c30,000,000 CREDCHIT Units depending on the need and/or CREDCHIT Approval.

FACT: CREDCHIT Currency Units are a form of Credit eliminating the need for previous methods of currency represented by coin and/or dollar bills. CREDCHIT swipe cards will not be used to acquire paper and/or coin currency. During the Currency Conversion Period (CCP), CREDCHIT swipe cards may be utilized to check balances only at ATM's.

REVOLVING CREDIT: More to come regarding CREDCHIT Credit Access devices with Revolving Credit.


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