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CREDCHIT International                                                   June, 2009

Section 1.    BIRTH DISTRIBUTION: Upon recognition of birth as it applies to new offspring, upon successful encounter with new life, each parent shall be awarded 1,000,000 CREDCHIT Credit units in recognition of the value of currency and/or energy, vitality and/or presumed dynamism utilized, displayed, functionally presented and/or managed in relation to the birth process. The CREDCHIT shall be a recognized admission by governed bodies of the general appreciation by the whole provided by the parent and/or parents in expression of life as well as the preservation of man kind. CREDCHIT award units are designed to make the birth as well as raising process a functionally pleasant experience as well as to encourage birth of all races internationally.

Section 2.    TRAVEL: Travel CREDCHIT shall be distributed to any person in need of travel for reasons of family duress, employment, dire need, emergency disposition, etc. upon request. Person shall complete a 'CREDCHIT Travel Application' at any CREDCHIT distribution institution or contact the U.S. Credit Union directly and/or CREDCHIT International for a travel award. Travel awards may be utilized for travel in car, airplane, train, port water craft and/or celestial shuttle as well as vehicle transporting persons to space stations and/or celestial design (Ex. X7/X14).

Section 3.    MEDICAL: Medical CREDCHIT shall be distributed to anyone whom apply, upon request, to cover 100% of medical need no mater what the challenge may be.

Section 4.    CLOTHING: CREDCHIT clothing awards, upon request of need, shall be distributed to all whom request.

Section 5.    RESIDENTIAL: Any person applying for a residential CREDCHIT award, of international design shall be approved, upon request for up to 1,000,000 in CREDCHIT units, in the form of a voucher and/or inter organizationally maintained award for residential purchase, use and/or placement.

Section 6.   TRANSPORTATION: This section shall address CREDCHIT awards for transportation use such as automotive provision, truck, any vehicle that may be utilized for business and/or personal use in nature depending on the need and/or purchase arena extending and/or including, however, not limited to tractor, trailers, truck, marine provisional vehicles for water transport such as boats, jet skis, seadoo, etc., aerial provisional vehicles for air travel and when appropriate transport devices having the ability to extend travel into the far regions of space such as shuttle, plane, hang glider, hot air balloon, blimp, etc.

Section 7.    RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: This provisional section provides that, upon request, CREDCHIT shall be distributed to the approved provision and/or upon request to those seeking research and development funding necessary to design, develop, procure, improve and/or continue the forward motion as it applies in design to goods, services, department, field, division and/or the likes.

Section 8.   REPRODUCTION: Reproduction of CREDCHIT Units is prohibited by this code. In addition, reproduction, fraud and/or unauthorized distribution of CREDCHIT is unnecessary. Anyone and/or anybody applying for CREDCHIT, internationally, will be awarded.

Section 9. INSURANCE: CREDCHIT Credits shall be distributed according to need as it applies to insurance, including, however, not limited to benefit allowance, workers compensation, Injury, disability, childcare, etc. as provided in the CREDCHIT regulations Article III section G.

*The policies and/or procedures listed herein are published in part and/or are under revision and/or construction.

NOTE: The portion of the CREDCHIT Provisions Code has been presented in this publicly published rendition/2009 Online Version of the International U.S. Operations in part to address public policy and/or procedure of the International U.S. Operations Code and/or the U.S. Reporting Agency enforcement division. CREDCHIT Provisions Code, policies and/or procedures as well as the accompanying code and/or interpreted text, in design have been presented as a medium to regulate said organization and shall be subject to change and published quarterly, yearly or at will within an international forum.

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