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dad's making it happen in a time of need...



Assistance for dads with children programs have been adopted as well as introduced after years of research and development,

focus on the family and accelerated progress in social interaction, help, productive support in the funding provisions area.


Research has found that between the 1950's to date, the U.S. provided extensive assistance to mothers in need. This has been

contributed to the continued effort of mothers whom have banned together to find a more sound way of survival for their children

in the absence of fathers whom had either been removed by war, conflict and/or other reasons.


Currently, the infusion of programs focused on replacing value on the need to have a strong, straight forward male present in the

lives of our youth is bringing ASSISTANCE FOR DADS WITH CHILDREN programs to the forefront.


Do you have to actually be the biological blood contributor to be called a dad?  The answer to that question is no.


Fathers 4 Families recognizes the ever so apparent need for Females in our society, as a result of massive loss of loved ones

to find a male to fulfill the most necessary habitable needs of raising a family which include ... having a male (DAD) around!


Grandma, Mama, Granddaddy, Aunties, Uncles and the likes have supplied a most valuable alternative in the past, however,

additional assistance to the notion of strengthening the union and/or bond between female, male and children have birthed a

program sensitive to the male whom, with some help, could make it all the way as a home run DAD!



When all you need is finances to add to your extra ordinary ability to be a DAD!


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