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My currency is valuable to me. My living experience is too. Why exchange valuable currency with organizations functioning to cover costs associated with fixing the damage after damage is done? I Believe in USIA. A belief enabling me to feel more secure about me. With USIA, I am invincible. Cover 'FREE'. USIA will protect me.  Universal Securities Insurance Agency (USIA).  Sovereign Protection. Cover 'FREE'!

Our Company

Universal Securities Insurance Agency (USIA) is a certified International Interpol Authority Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA) Agency authorized to distribute General Deposit Insurance Corporation (GDIC) protection.  In a 'NEW FREE WORLD' ... finally. A provider for 'US'!

Our Services

When you hear insurance, you immediately think 'Coverage'. Universal Securities Insurance Agency (USIA) believes in providing powerful Prevention Protection (PP) alleviating the need for organizational cover. We have proven that working with those dedicated to doing things the 'Right Way' produces the 'Right Results'. Cover 'FREE'!