ABOUT THE U.S. CREDIT UNION | Unlimited Currency Freedom

The U.S. Credit Union presents financial alternatives such as the 'NEW' world CREDCHIT International Currency system utilizing the most up to date currency solution drawn on dynamic primary currency resources having been stored in the International Currency Treasury. As an alternative to secondary systems being discarded by disgruntled banking institutions, CREDCHIT International financial solutions relied on by the U.S. Credit Union are based on 'New' CREDCHIT Currency Units as opposed to dollar bills. To expand further, credit issued by the U.S. Credit Union as well as other institutions such as SOVEREIGN Financial have done away with the most common form of currency exchange, the bank note, and replaced it with CREDCHIT Currency units that actually represent real time dynamic currency stored electronically for select distribution. To explain further, CREDCHIT Currency Units are electronic determinations of currency translated into value on credit cards issued by the financial institution. To answer the most common question, No. There is no dollar bill in this affluent credit system.

A system utilized by the wealthy for years requiring no presentation of dollars redefines the term On Approved Credit (OAC). This fancy system is proposed to be more effective and less time consuming, saves trees and does not require the hassle of storing bank notes. The U.S. Credit Union simply distributes your currency to you on a credit card for use at any Point of Sale(P.O.S) device internationally. For more routine purchases calling for significant amounts of currency, the U.S. Credit Union also issues Manual Authorizations (MA) for vendor credit transactions. Simple and Easy protocol procedures make completing transactions with the U.S. Credit Union a breeze.


The U.S. Credit Union shines like polished diamonds as International Financial Relations prove beneficial. Real time account data maintained in securities accurately define financial assets of U.S. Reporting Agency Clients. With such new regulatory provisions enhancing unique currency signatures, many clients are tossing their dollar bills and embracing the paperless CREDCHIT International Credit Currency System. Such unique system provides translated financial data generated from dollar bills, once entered into the computer, into CREDCHIT Currency Units. These currency units are transmitted to Credit Cards issued by the managing financial institution. With an attractive conversion rate, each dollar is worth 2 CREDCHIT Units in value and, in the absence of the bank note, is not subject to Taxation or Interest Charge. CREDCHIT Units translate easily into dollar value and/or can be used in Units to make purchases at P.O.S. locations recognizing CREDCHIT's International system.