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International Exchange Provision (Subject to Revision (s) )

On this seventeenth day of the sixth month of the year of the lord two thousand and nine, with respective tenure to all, under the sun of the father, designer and Supreme Architect of all found within a feasible provision of existence, the 'World Trading Initiative (WTI) of 2009' has been granted, in it's design to initiate the beginning of a new day in currency exchange.

Recognizing the value, worth, dynamism and conatus design within the nature of the being, human as it may, with respect to citizens of an international design, the World Trading Initiative shall recognize the CREDCHIT International Collective as the authority in currency reporting in it's primary  design.

CREDCHIT International shall trade, provide a means of transfer, exchange and/or provide the provision of such, including knowledge, equipment and/or technology to persons, businesses, governed bodies, intelligence communities, security agencies, enforcement authorities, privately held as well as public entities as in the such, with the primary focus on increasing the degree of power, force, corrective ability, nature as well as able effect of the such in it's own design, thus the 'World Trading Initiative'.

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