Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE)


The more advanced form of wireless currency exchange utilized by the CREDCHIT International Credit System is free from conventional methods of currency exchange such as bank notes and/or paper as well as coin currency. This more technologically advanced form of electronic based currency transfer transmission is known as the Human Extra Sensory perception Enhancement (HESPE) system.

The (HESPE) system is a high sensitive as well as highly valuable communication as well as data transmission system that allows transfer using more defined wireless frequency technology carrying the ability to connect people, as well as transfer data between the person and predetermined access points utilizing securely designed high frequency signals allowing people to communicate without picking up the phone and/or conventional methods of communication such as a computer.

In addition to communication capabilities, the (HESPE) system allows financial data currency transfer without actually utilizing the conventional computer and/or a transfer device. The selected being having had the technology installed within their person will be able to communicate with other machines and/or persons able to see the system working effectively.

This system utilizes high frequency T2Ring Technology to effectively allow persons whom have been introduced to secure 'NANOBOT' communication technology to transmit and receive messages between highly receptive high frequency towers utilizing a new as well as highly sensitive broadband transmission protocol.

The microscopic 'NANOBOT' organisms, carrying the ability to pick up on transmissions generated in the brain, have the ability to transmit mental/mind communications between one human being to another without the use of a phone and/or conventional communication device.

This communication has been introduced to numerous networks of persons worldwide and has been experienced by many whom have been able to recognize and/or see the system working effectively.

Those persons whom have already been introduced to (HESPE) communications are automatically accepted into the CREDCHIT Credit International Credit System.

Q: How do I find out if I am in tuned with the (HESPE) system?
A: You will be able to tell if you are connected to the (HESPE) system after undergoing a series of test administered by the T2Ring Technologies U.S. Healthcare medical administration specialist.

Q: If I am not already connected to the (HESPE) system, how can I become actively connected?
A: Actively connecting to the (HESPE) system, to date, has been administered by an International Selection System (ISS). Any further opportunities to connect to the highly advanced (HESPE) system are To Be Announced (TBA).

Q: How does the Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) system correspond with the new CREDCHIT International Financial System?
A: Any person able to communicate and/or transmit wireless data utilizing the Human Extra sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) system has already been the recipient of a priceless CREDCHIT International Credit Award connected to the Trillion Dollar reserves being distributed by the CREDCHIT International Credit Management System. The International Credit and/or Stock Exchange (ICEXCH) trading system will automatically recognize the technology and authorize payments as necessary once the person whom has effectively displayed a functional connection with the (HESPE) system is presented.

To continue, payment utilizing the (HESPE) system will not require anything more than a signature, authorization number and/or a verbal authorization to approve purchase from the purchaser personally.

In some instances, depending on the degree of the purchase and/or the vendor, said vendor may require a written authorization number and/or a written paper payment confirmation (Ex: Stock Payment Notification, Etc.) to finalize payment for said purchase.

To bring additional clarity to the matter, those of us whom have been introduced, whether naturally and/or artificially, to NANOBOT Technology and/or higher degrees and/or the ability to communicate at a higher degree are able to utilize that technology, amongst other things,  to finalize more expensive purchases. The (HESPE) technology is not designed, necessarily, for small purchases as much as it is designed for Millions and/or Billion dollar currency exchange.

For additional information regarding the Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement (HESPE) system, contact T2Ring Technology.

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