Q: When the currency comes in, who do we give it to? Who do we talk to?
A: The way to transfer the currency is by speaking and/or personal relations.

Q: Who actually acquires the currency?
A: Organizations as well as individuals either public or private will acquire stocks traded by (ICEXCH).

Q: Does the International Currency Exchange system deal with public or private stock?
A: (ICEXCH) Effectively identifies as well as trades public as well as private stocks and/or currency value.

Q: Which exchange entity takes care of what trading?
A: (WCSEXCH) deals primarily with Stock Exchange while the (PCEXCH) deals with privately held individual currency trading

Q: Organizations acquire currency as a result of the (IT). Who then is the currency transferred to as a result of the trading.
A: Once the Information Technology systems identify needed information and value, interested organizations and/or individuals purchase and/or transfer the stock and/or currency.

Q: For an alternative system to the former New York Stock Exchange, what is the difference in trading?
A: The difference in trading is that the International Currency Exchange (ICEXCH) system is free of dollars and based on CREDCHIT Currency.

Q: What is CREDCHIT Currency?
A: A new, more FREE as well as 'Primary' form of currency that is accessible by anyone whom applies.

Q: What does the International Currency Exchange (ICEXCH) organization do primarily?
A: (ICEXCH) Primary function is to keep records of what currency is exchanged to what company and/or individuals via transfer.

Q: How does the exchange market work?
A: The exchange market records who gets the call and what organizations the information is transferred to. That is how the exchange market works.

Q: Obviously, on the trading floor, there are not alot of dollars. It is all maintained electronically, keeping electronic records.
A: In the old system, organizations that harnessed the power and/or currency of a single individual made money by controlling said personal power of such a person.

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