The newly created West Coast Stock Exchange shall increase dividends as well as trade and/or recognize the value of stock currency and/or CREDCHIT Units from organizations and/or Initiatives that are maintained and/or controlled by their original owner. In other words, people, persons and/or individuals that are able to keep track of their own currency and distribute thereof shall be maintained and/or recognized by the West Coast Stock Exchange.

This does not mean that persons expanding beyond themselves will not be recognized in the organizational fashion. This simply means that individual entities will be able to now see their own value, currency and worth traded accordingly.

Seeing, being the ability to see something in your minds eye, as a vision, with the clarity like a dream and/or to see future images in my the minds eye without the interruption of others and/or any false and/or secondary interjections.

West Coast Stock Exchange holds the image and/or vision of a new day. A more powerful future filled with freedom, existence and able effect. The power of the people shall be returned to them so that they may see themselves, meaning that each organization that is recognized by the West Coast Stock Exchange will have the support of the entity to continue to succeed.

The idea is that we want to see people succeed freely to experience their own growth and see their own currency mature, evolve and/or develop.

Many times currency is transferred and/or recognized in stock value, however, the original origin of stock is the power of the people that stock shares represent.

When the stock market talks about sharing stock, it refers to sharing people and/or persons represented by the stock value.

When an organization has been able to effectively pair and/or match two people together, the stock shares go up. It's like a really secure and/or secretive way to exchange value between people. An executive pimp game if we may add.

The downside to the formal stock exchange is that these secondary organizations were pairing people together who were not necessarily designed to be put together and/or placing persons together whom had been adversely affected by the mismanagement and/or mishandling of secondary organizations.

The CREDCHIT system, however, allows people to choose who they want to be with and supports the currency exchange between people as well as personal choice for the person to decide who they want to see and/or be with.

That's why the church is so powerful. The church allows people to exchange the negative power of the organization with the personal effect of those whom they choose to be around simultaneously exchanging the energy, currency and/or power of those whom have decided to connect with an organization with that in which the person actually decides to be with.

In the past, organizations have discouraged certain key executives form being around the people that they desire to be with the most. This can be beneficial in the sense that the executive can then see that in which they were not able to previously see in the sense that, as long as people and/or in the sense of CURRENCY, those debts (people whom have done things outside of the request of the initial organization) are alive, they have will and imposition.

It is necessary to see what the secondary currency system is doing and/or to hear the requests, prayers and/or effective needs thereof, however, yet and still, it is important to maintain a focus on the value
of connecting with the primary currency that is exchanged from being with those that one chooses to be with as opposed to being swayed by the will and/or decision making process of secondary organizations filled with people whom are functioning within a secondary system to the primary system a CREDCHIT Internationally supported organization utilizes.

For example: If a man believes in Marriage, the CREDCHIT International organization will support the primary currency that will generate the relationship that such a person desires. The secondary currency system of former stock exchanges generates the opposing and/or opposite occurrence which, for example, would manifest a flagrant woman and/or a whore for example.

The primary system does not require finances whereas the secondary system brings about the currency of a system that utilizes a less powerful form of paper currency that does not house, hold and/or contain any power for the person as much as it contains the transfer of the primary executives power to a secondary network.

In effect, this means that the secondary system would ultimately have the power to take action, get things done, terminate and/or effectively execute plans while the primary person would be without the power to achieve it's goals.

Now, this is just an example of how things are done and brings more clarity as to why it is always good to choose the primary system of functionality as opposed to a secondary system of functionality.

In the current times, however, the large majority of secondary persons are praying to be free from the secondary system and this must be recognized as well as heard by the primary system. For example, people whom have sinned against the church, coming back to the church for repentance, having been accepted by the most high is the desired result. To continue doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity.

That is why it is necessary to be able to see people and/or raise people back to the degree in which they are able to repent and see their ways as opposed to being like them. In an effect, this is how we save people from themselves.

The CREDCHIT currency exchange system is based on supporting the primary functionality of persons while simultaneously manifesting the will and vision's of the person as opposed to the desires of secondary organizations whom trade while not necessarily having the best intend and/or objective of the identified party at hand.

To continue forward, the trading of CREDCHIT Currency traded and/or documented by the 'West Coast Stock Exchange' shall be documented as positive income and/or positive currency exchanged amongst persons whom choose to trade publicly in opposition to the secondary organizations whom have chosen to trade in previous accounts within former Stock Exchange Mediums.

This, however, is not to say that all organizations in the past, deciding to trade publicly, are negative, however, it makes it a challenge for organizations, having had to submit to a power structure filled with diverse tribulation, to maintain positive effect in the prescreens of such diversity.

This is why the West Coast Stock Exchange has come into existence, providing an alternative as well as completely separate exchange system designed exclusively for entities that have decided to maintain their primary functionality as number one organizations, maintaining their vision and fortitude.

This stock exchange shall recognize the incorporated efforts of individuals whom have incorporated the efforts of others to proceed forward with the positive support of the primary executives goals,
visions, intent, intention, intended purposes, etc.

These goals, ultimately, in functionally and/or effectively manifesting results, shall, in effect reproduce powerfully repetitions results as it applies to providing those whom have been effected by actions of secondary organizations, some of which have been designed to draw the life-force from people whom choose them, leaving them hopeless and ultimately pray to the will of negative imposition, with a more positive and/or working ability to exist within a world allowing them to see the beauty they intended to see for themselves, while also manifesting results chosen by the individual and not the organization.

Example: Child is born and has been provided parental guidance that leads to said child being a leader, doctor, astronaut and/or engineer.

A secondary organization, chartered to go against the will of the person, shall generate income by effectively swaying the decision making process of targeted child. This means that such a secondary organization gets paid every time the targeted individual decides to do something that is in opposition to their original purpose, design, path and/or well being.

Keep in mind that secondary organizations work directly with the police, morgue, cemetery, alcohol and tobacco organizations, drug cartels, etc.

The mission of primary organizations is to propose the solution to secondary organizations, identifying the agents utilized by secondary organizations to change the imposition and/or will of such targeted  persons.

While, in design, secondary organizations actually get paid to ultimately steal the spiritual fervor, will, power, currency and/or able effect, ultimately to death of targeted individuals, primary organizations purpose is to maintain life, well being, vision, focus and will while bringing about positively manifested results that are acceptable to the person targeted for success by primary organizations.

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