In effect, the CREDCHIT International organization whom effectively functions as a liaison for life, is the entity recognizing the currency of all organizations from this day forward whom are documented as well as tracked, traced and/or effectively maintained, protected, insured and/or provided security to continue working and/or manifesting results within the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' social society of peace, love, happiness, wealth, health, prosperity and provision.

CREDCHIT International is in the process, under Executive Order of the International U.S. Operations executive office, of disbanding secondary organizations whom have personally witnesses that they, themselves, no longer have any intention on being that way, realizing that the older methods of order were riddled with need for improvement. In an essence, the power, able effect and/or ability to interject a higher degree of more powerful currency, love, energy and dynamism provides the unconditional support to all orders providing correctional currency during the transition into the new world, recognizing the tremendous wealth and value of CREDCHIT Currency, reserves saved within primary institutions internationally, as well as ultimately good well being.

In the process, continued expansion of international U.S. operations includes, however, is not limited to the construction of new cities on land that has been reserved for centuries as governed Native land.
These new cities will allow the dispersion of all while creating new states of being having been accepted as alternative states of existence provided for those whom do things different.

ultimately, providing additional states of being so all can see will allow the entire race of mankind as a whole to live free from restriction of law in that there will be a place where all can go and/or a state of being for all whom desire to exist.

To expand, for example, prostitution has been provided provisions within California yet is permissible in Las Vegas. In some states you must be 18 to do certain things while in others, there is no apparent age limit.

In some parts of the world, there are no restrictions and paradise is an every day occurrence.

To have this realization noted by all, the CREDCHIT International system recognizes that the proper placement of persons is the answer as opposed to housing persons in secondary less productive states.

For us all to see a better day denoted by our ability to successfully achieve as a globe is the desired result for all, therefore, CREDCHIT International now provides the West Coast Stock Exchange and/or the Pacific Currency Exchange provision for all to see a better day.

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