BLACK WALL STREET Opening in 2020

The West Coast Stock Currency Exchange (WCSEXCH), designed to eliminate international debt for all nations and/or countries within our globe is introducing the grand opening of the West Coast Trading Center located in downtown Los Angeles in  2020.

The Trading center will be located in the same district as the sky high rise U.S. Bank building minutes away on the west coast Wall Street of America.

Currently the home to many housing authority assistance programs as well as the claim to fame ‘Skid Row’, the downtown Los Angeles area revolving around 7th and Wall street is due for a facelift.

With plans to renovate the entire area of approximately a mile of downtown business district adjacent to the Centralized Wholesale  Region (CWR) of downtown Los Angeles, this ‘Black Wall Street’, is due to rejuvenate our entire international economy bringing existing financial institutions as well as newly founded institutions into a new start for a more defined tomorrow.

As we push into the future of finance, introducing a primary form of finance that has been placed within the CREDCHIT International as well as U.S. Treasury reserves, this ‘Black Wall Street’, coined after, contrary to the belief of many whom have listened to the head swaging melodic tunes of ‘Game’ from the musical clique ‘Black Wall Street’ receives it’s title after having been the focus of a ten to 15 year Special ‘Black Operations’ program by the U.S. Government to introduce  a seemingly limitless reserves of Trillions in currency reserves to a ‘ONE WORLD’ nation that must get used to the idea of everyone and/or everybody having enough to grown on.

What was claimed to be the Black Wall Street of the U.S., now revealed as the international home of the new West Coast Stock Currency Exchange will alter the way international currency is handled for ever.

In light of the absence of the World Trade Center, the New York Wall street has shown sings of need as it applies to assistance therefore, the international superpower CREDCHIT International has stepped up to bat bringing in upwards of 10 Trillion Dollars or more in Currency reserves to the international trading table.

With a system designed to provide for all vs. the former system providing currency to those whom could afford, the concept that we are all rich has never been more real!

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